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Goodbye House!

May 21/12.

Oh no!

Tonight is it!

After 8 seasons (177 hours) of drama,

- the final farewell to House! (I've been saving Hugh Laurie pics for ages)! This one is pretty much my fave! On the subject of his memorable and controversial character, Laurie told The New York Times, "I will miss him a lot." Same here Hugh!  I know,  "Everybody lies."  But I'm NOT lying about this!

Luckily, I have most of the seasons on DVD, (otherwise - major House withdrawal). But repeats are never as much fun as new shows!

David Shore, the 52-year-old creator of House, from London, Ontario, (here on the set with Laurie), directed tonight's episode, "Everybody Dies." There's a House retrospective/flashback at 8, followed by the finale at 9.

The key factor for me has always been Hugh. (Duh). Yes, the writing is brilliant,

and the cast, just terrific, (left to right, Jesse Spencer, "Chase", Charlyne Yi, "Dr. Park",  Omar Epps, "Foreman", Peter Jacobson, "Taub", Odette Annable, "Dr. Jessica Adams", Robert Sean Leonard, "Wilson")

but the complex character of Greg House is what kept me tuning in week after week. His irreverence, bitterness, anger, pain, playfulness, cane twirling,

piano playing,


pill popping,

Vicodin abusing,

and of course, edgy, non-stop humour and prank pulling, made him the man you always wanted to try and figure out.

He remains a mystery, an unsolvable puzzle. It's been an incredible journey, learning what makes this man tick...

(often like a time bomb).

It's almost impossible to choose a favourite episode,

but among them for me, would be one of the earliest -

"Three Stories" (in season one), featuring Carmen Electra. Such a complicated show with so many twists and turns. Also very funny.

Here's a link to a clip of the Carmen Electra episode.

Tonight's show also brings back some familiar faces

including Jennifer Morrison (Cameron),

Amber Tamblyn (Martha Masters),

Kal Penn (Dr. Kutner)

and Olivia Wilde, (who appeared last week), back again, as 13.

As for Lisa Edelstein, (Cuddy), apparently not coming back, so she'll remain forever in viewers' fantasies!

Come ONNNNNNNNNN! - she's really NOT returning, even for a second? Drag. (I'll believe that when I see it....or don't see it).

As for Wilson,  (Sean Robert Leonard), can only imagine the heartfelt bromantic goodbye tonight!
Pass the Kleenex.

Will House end up in jail again?  I don't want that!

And he's not telling!

I'll miss House's defiance,

his occasional moments of tenderness,

his dark mind and brilliant diagnostic ideas,

and (of course), his face!

To Hugh Laurie, I say thank you. There aren't many TV shows or characters I've really loved over the past eight crazy years I've been through, but House topped the list and always made my Mondays so much more fun and bearable - (even at the worst of times)! Will be watching you tonight!

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