Lain's Log

Holiday hobbling!

May 21/12.

Hey! This is officially my 365th blog entry!

After talking about my old Betty & Veronica t-shirt the other day, decided to drag it out, since the weather has been so gorgeous! My sister, Carrie, gave me this shirt a few years ago, and I LOVE it. I've always been an Archie comic fanatic. As a teen, was even a member of the Archie fan club! (I think I still have my membership card stashed away someplace!)

Betty & Veronica were always my faves,

especially the Double Digest books! After countless garage sales, I've NEVER been able to part with any of them!

Yesterday, spent some "exciting time" over at the auto body shop,

waiting for Sam's car to finish a servicing. But it wasn't ready yet. The body shop is just around the corner
from our first house,

on good old De Grassi Street, so went over to pay it a visit. (took forever to get around, since my foot and ankle are still in tons 'o pain from the injury I suffered running last Wednesday). But I'm trying not to let it rule my life. Who wants to stay INSIDE on the long holiday weekend when it's so beautiful out?

Drove to the Danforth on Sunday. It was a pleasure on the roads, since everyone is away at cottages or out of town someplace,

so - zero traffic troubles!

Hit Shoppers. No lineups!

Did spot Justin Bieber, still hangin' out in the cosmetics department he likes so much.

This time, he was joined by his pal, Madonna!

Then, over to Urban Nails,

to see Kevin Nguyen, who runs the place with a lot of style and finesse!

This joint is always jumping, and as someone who never EVER had nails before (bit them all my life, till a few months ago), it always astounds me to watch this salon in action! The manicurists work so hard and do everything professionally, quickly and in good spirits. There's plenty of laughter and chatter and always an abundance of pretty people getting their nails polished. There's a reason this place is so busy. It's FUN!
And when you leave,

you always feel much better! This is Cindy, a real artist! The salon had run out of my favourite shellac colour (Rosebud), so she helped me create a whole new shade by mixing it up a bit, using bright pink Gotcha underneath and the lighter, pearly Strawberry Smoothie as a top coat! She took a long time with me and the results? - Perfect! I STILL find it hard to believe I have fingernails. 

I didn't want to miss all the sunshine, (even though I can't run right now), so took a spin over to the Riverdale running track, - at least to SEE it! -

parked on Broadview, hobbled down to a park bench and sat down to do a bit of writing in a journal, and a letter to a friend (yep, snail mail!)

I SOOOOOOOOOO longed to run, (and would have had the whole track to myself!), but there was just no way. Soon I hope.

When I got home, discovered my daughter, Kate, and her friend, Cadence, were trying out some kind of new clay face mask stuff,

to detox and glorify the complexion!

Hmmmmmm. Maybe I should try it out too! In my current state, I feel like I need all the help I can get! (Maybe this mask stuff can help my foot)!

Later in the day, Kate and her boyfriend, Damian, came home from a walk. They'd discovered a box of books tossed out on the street by a neighbour. Look what they brought me! Just in time for the big House finale tonight! Can't wait to see how the very last show plays out! Sigh.

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