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May 19/12.

Can't believe another six days have flown by since last I wrote, (on Mother's Day). A lot happened, and quickly! I stupidly blew a gasket in my ankle from too much running in cheap shoes! (Keds). Can barely walk now, (let alone run!) Such a drag. So much pain. Everybody warned me to buy decent shoes, but did I LISTEN???????? Nope. Now I'm spending Saturday with my ankle on ice or my foot wrapped in a tensor bandage for compression. Gak.

All things considered....
would MUCH rather be by the water at Fern Resort in Orillia wearing my Betty & Veronica t-shirt today!

Last time I went to the track at Riverdale Park,
was Wednesday afternoon. Off to the side, I spotted two guys operating a big remote control airplane. They made it fly over the park doing all kinds of spins and tricks. A cool toy and really fun to watch while running! Now I can't even walk over there! (luckily I have some decent pain pills leftover from my breast cancer surgery!)

Drove to see my GP, hobbled through the parking lot and up to her office. She sent me for foot x-rays and was able to give me a "verbal" over the phone. No fracture. Just a really bad sprain. Thought by now, it would be getting better, but no such luck.

Flashback now to pre-ankle injury, had a few good days! Went shopping in the St. Lawrence Market area. (you KNOW there's something wrong with your appetite when you can't think of a SINGLE food item you want to buy there!) We used to live in a townhouse across the street from the market many years ago and bought so many great foods and treats.

 But this time, didn't even go inside!
Instead, wandered past the old flatiron building (apparently one of the most photographed structures in the city).

HAD to hit Front Street,

to go to the Beauty Supply outlet (where a month ago, I discovered a hair detangler that actually WORKS!)

I usually buy CURE by I.C.O.N., but it costs $30 a bottle. This stuff, by Paul Mitchell, costs only $9! It's made for kids with fine hair, but, whaddya know - it's perfect for my hair type! A young woman at the store recommended it. When I saw her, she remembered me and asked how I liked the product. Told her I LOVE it and bought two more bottles. I'm also trying the Paul Mitchell kid's shampoo (which she thinks will be good for me too). We'll see.

Also went to a clothing store called Kochi with tons of bright & colourful items, mostly made in India.

Tried on these cute, sparkly blue short shorts, but they didn't fit. Too big. (everything is too big these days). That was NEVER a problem in the past, but seems to be now! At least I've got the weight up to 100, and working on getting it higher.

It was fun seeing the neighbourhood, though much has changed from those days when we used to frequent The Old Spaghetti Factory just down the street from here.

Monday night, watched "Holding On", the second last episode of House featuring the return of stunning Olivia Wilde as 13. She came back to give House (Hugh Laurie) some advice and intervened in the emotional House/Wilson storyline.

Monday May 21st is the final episode, "Everybody Dies". You can bet I'll be watching. Mondays will never be the same again! Series creator David Shore describes the last show as "bittersweet." I'm stocking up on Kleenex. - And speaking of doctors......

Tuesday was very busy. Spent a day at Princess Margaret. This pic was taken by an attorney-at-law who happened by and offered his services. He looked familiar. I thought he was a Global TV cameraman, but he swears he wasn't. Had a number of appointments with doctors, getting blood work, and a visit to the Survivorship Centre where you can meet with staff, peer volunteers, patients, learn about programs offered, ask questions, pick up calendars of events and talk about survival! (what else??)

Also stopped by the famous "inspiration easel" to check the daily message. (I've looked fear in the face, as the sign suggests. It wasn't pretty).

In between meetings and sessions, had a late lunch with a special friend who is very good in the area of inspiration/stress reduction, (but also very private, so no names). Thank you for making the time! Was wonderful to see you and I felt MUCH better after our get-together. You are awesome!

Yesterday, my son, Max, packed up his bag and went on a long-weekend trip with his girlfriend, Robyn and her family to Port Elgin. He's rarely away, so I'll really miss him a lot. (He told me I could play his drums in the basement to remind me of him, but it wouldn't be the same). Have fun Sweet!

See you Monday for fireworks in the park! (if I can hobble there by then!) I LOVE fireworks!

Oh, forgot, ran into my musical blog mascot, Aubrey Bolton. He showed me his black eye. He says his ex-girlfriend slugged him. According to him, she has a drug problem (and a bad temper).

I told Aubrey he'd better avoid her in the future if he wants to remain upright. (that line comes from my late, great Uncle Ev. Whenever anyone asked him the secret to a long life, he would always say, "Remain upright.") Good philosophy.

Meanwhile, I hope to do that too! Just waiting for the day I can go running again! (AFTER I recover - AND after buying new, expensioso shoes!)

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