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April 23/12.

Happy birthday to my fabulous daughter, Kate who is 20-years-old today!

She's a beauty and has a style all her own. Just last week, she got accepted at Ryerson for their Journalism program. Congrats Sweet! I wish you a lifetime of happiness, as that's what have you've given me since the day I first saw you! This shot was taken after Kate and I went shopping at the Eaton Centre to spend a gift card she received from her generous Auntie Carolyn and Uncle Neil for

La Senza. (one of our fave stores!) We had a fun afternoon together,

saw a lot of pigeons on the way to Dundas & Yonge,

ate at the massive Eaton Centre Urban Courtyard and checked out the colourful Froshberg Gelato stand! Sampled the banana flavour.

Then looked at more bright colours when Kate wanted to stop by LUSH

for some sultry scents. (They had vanilla bombs, but I didn't buy one. Not sure how I feel about bombing the bath!)
We also went to several clothing stores including H & M and Forever 21 where I got a kick out of reading the graphic tees! (LOVE this one)

Would have bought this one, (since it's true), but it looked terrible on me.

Right on!

This one? Also very true.

In the end, all I bought was some sexy stuff at La Senza, before heading to pick up a hot Holter monitor (yuck). The cardiologist wants to check out the heart palpitations I've been having. After hearing my story of love and loss, cancer, Intensity Entity and on and on, the Doc told me I'd be able to relax a little more if I would just let go of the past. (he was more of a shrink than a heart doctor! - Or maybe he is psychic!) He happened to hit on the thing I've NEVER been able to do, say goodbye and let go or release the past. He told me if I want to move into the future, I have to do it. Easier said than done, Doc! Maybe they have a pill for this. (I just kept thinking about that hilarious Robin Williams routine,

about a drug we all need called "Fukitol!" Sometimes I think I should buy STOCK in that drug, Robin!)

When I wasn't running around getting re-wired for sound (after accidentally cutting one of the wires - see blog entry from April 20th),
had a few other more pleasant events and visits over the past week.

In Orillia, went to a great antique store called Carousel Collectables

They're really into nostalgia in that town! (EMBRACING THE PAST) - antiques, old MM photos,

vintage Richie Rich and Captain America comic books,

and the old Orillia Opera House, built in 1895. (the comedy Born Yesterday was playing there, but no hours available to go see it. Only had time for Jerry Lewis!)

The Opera House is undergoing some renovation, restoration and rebuilding.

Also had a great time this past week seeing my two old Seneca College pals,

Jim Stockley and Rick Dade. (in this pic, they were cracking me up, pretending to be those two old geezers

in the TD bank commercial who yak about banking hours being extended!)

Rick and I ended up working together for years at Global TV when I was a reporter there and he was a cameraman. Covering any story with him was always a blast. He has a great attitude and that ever-fab sense of humour.

It was kind of a fluke that we all met. Jim and Rick were a few years older than me. They'd been doing other jobs after high school, but decided to join the radio/TV course at Seneca in their 20s. I was 19 when I met them. They became the campus comedy duo and always had everyone in stitches. We were only together for two semesters, but, it was a life-changing time for me, (and for ALL of us in the late Mike Monty's phenomenal classes. He helped steer us in the right direction). I've always felt very lucky to have met and worked with Jim & Rick,  and man, they SURE made coming to school in the morning a whole lot easier. 

I often think of that unforgettable line Hawkeye says to B.J. in the final episode of M*A*S*H* - (Goodbye, Farewell & Amen), when he tells him. " I can't IMAGINE what this place would've been like if I hadn't found YOU here"! - Same goes for me when I recall the wild comic antics of Rick & Jim. They were the best, led the way and kept us all going.

To my shock, Jim never did enter the world of media. Instead, he became a conductor with CP Rail! This pic was taken outside the Detroit Eatery on the Danforth, (where we all had lunch, including their amazing chocolate milkshakes served in the old-time silver shakers). It was the first time I'd seen Jim in 30 years! He is now a grandfather! Gak. One second before the above pic was shot, I surprised Jim by suddenly ripping his glasses off his face,

so he'd look more like he did three decades ago! - Above photo, taken at the wedding of our friend, John Axelson to Lynda George, back in 1976! (left to right, Jim, me, Axelson)

Here's a cute one of Jim (back in the stubby beer bottle days!) - Photo by Rick Dade!

Jim retired from CP in 2007, after knee replacement surgery. (jumping off trains for decades will do that to you!) -

and I hear it was a great send-off party!

Here's toasting you Jim, (with thick chocolate shakes!) May you always be happy and keep laughing!

As for YOU, Ricky, thanks for arranging the get-together! Always fun to see you. Hope your eye trouble clears up VERY soon. Getting older is tough!

Yesterday, Kate and I went to see a wonderful play called The Exquisite Hour 

at Factory Theatre.

It stars Ted Dykstra (of Two Pianos, Four Hands fame),

and Daniela Vlaskalic,
The show is written by Dora award winning playwright Stewart Lemoine

 and directed by Ron Pederson. Kate and I became fans of his after seeing his very funny performance as "Brad" in the CanStage production of The Rocky Horror Show a few years ago.

The Exquisite Hour sure lives up to its name and had me in tears several times. Thanks to Kate for telling me  we HAD to see this show!!

Afterwards, we paid a visit to Auntie Ray and told her all about the production. She's hanging in there at Christie Gardens and says in some ways, watching the residents there is kinda like witnessing a non-stop, ongoing play every day! Love you Auntie Ray!

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