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May 5/12.

A couple more days have passed me by in the blink of an eye. Have paid a few visits to my Mum-in-law at Sunnybrook. In the 30 years I've known her, she's always been strong, independent and feisty. Those qualities are serving her well now. Keep it up Mum! We're all with you.

I can't ever seem to stay OUT of Sunnybrook, though I'd sure LIKE to!

but to quote Pacino as "Michael Corleone" in The Godfather 3, (1990) -  "Just when I thought I was OUT, they pull be back IN!"  There's no escape. (Don't get me wrong. Good hospital. Just really don't want to BE there).

May 3rd marked my husband, Sam's birthday. (He's not big on photos, so I'll show Sun Valley, the fancy grocery store on the Danforth, instead)! This is where I went to get his "cake" - (which wasn't cake, since nobody ever eats it around here).

Bought two cannoli - (hey, I looked it up on line and found out: The plural form of cannoli is cannoli, - OK??)  and two mini-cheesecakes, one blueberry, one cherry. (as of today, no one has eaten THESE either! WTF?)

I picked up birthday dinner at my fave restaurant. (at least THAT got devoured! Just my opinion, but they have the BEST food in Greektown!) I like it because they make the Greek salads ANY way you want them. In my case - no garlic-y dressing and NO ONIONS!

On the way home, ran into one of my musical blog mascots, Aubrey Bolton (left), who was meeting a new musician pal , guitarist Adam Chimienti. Aubrey's bro, Dana, is still absent, (working somewhere in Rexdale apparently), so I listened to Aubrey's great SOLO version of Me & Bobby McGee (co-written by Kris Krisofferson and Fred Foster). I bought Aubrey a Heineken, at his request. After that, Aubrey asked me to marry him again. (now that he's split from his girlfriend and has a new apartment someplace on Gerrard Street). Told him I'd have to think about it.

Earlier in the day, I heard a commercial on NewsTalk 1010 about the ever-popular Korry's Clothiers.

The man in charge, Saul Korman, does regular spots on the station. He announced it was the 60th anniversary of the store. As I strolled by the location (after picking up the cannoli), there was quite a kerfuffle outside 569 Danforth Avenue.

A camera crew, photogs,

an insufferably snotty security guard - (would name names, if I got it), what a jerk! - You'd think the store would want a FRIENDLY rep at the door. Well, at least they had a gorgeous white stretch limo!

Then, suddenly, spotted who I THINK is the son of  "the Duke of the Danforth",  Shawn Korman, (hard to tell with the sunglasses and hat!), posing for pics with a woman he introduced as his biz partner. Congrats Korry's!
Nice article by Rita DeMontis of The Toronto Sun in tribute to Saul.

The next day, got in a little "Me Time". Manicure/shellac at Urban Nails.

(After a lifetime of biting my nails, I'm now addicted to shellac and the pretty colour - Rosebud!) And yes, still wearing my "empowerment" rings. I need all the help I can get!

Later, another stop in at Sunnybrook. On the way out again, was trying to have a discussion with my sister-in-law, Jan, but we were interrupted by incredibly loud bird calls from somewhere in the parking lot.

Finally, we looked up, WAYYYYYYYY up, and discovered it was two Canada geese, standing guard on the roof top, right above our heads!

On Friday, over to INI Hair Design at 559 Bloor Street West, (near Honest Ed's), for a long awaited, (WAY overdue) hair appointment with master stylist Paul Taylor.

Horrifying hair upon arrival.

Paul Taylor tried discreetly to survey the damage, contemplating the long, hard road ahead....yikes!

But two and a magical half hours later, - voila!

Thankfully, much better! Colour, lowlights, blowdry/style. Only wish I could replicate this look every day without Paul's help!

Sure gave me a lift when I departed the salon.

Ran into Aubrey again and he said he barely recognized me. He liked the style. (sorry Aubrey, still haven't made a decision on our wedding plans).

Today, (Saturday), my son Max and lovely lady friends, were making a school video in our kitchen.
(left to right), Cleo, Alex, Max, Brooklynne & Celeste.

Complete with storyboard, Hollywood sunglasses and candy (part of the props). They'll finish the shoot on Sunday.

I LOVE it when the house is filled with kids! Especially like that both Kate & Max are into the arts - music, writing, TV, filmmaking. It's all good.

After a full day of dishes, laundry, cooking, cleaning, cat litter, on & on, decided I HAD to get outside. I wanted to try what the cardiologist told me - get out and do some exercise. So, walked over to beautiful Riverdale Park.

Everything was gorgeous and green. I'm SO happy to live in Toronto.

Weird coincidence. I'd decided to try running the track at Riverdale, if I could. As I walked down the hill, spotted Max and his girlfriend, Robyn, sitting on a bench. (They just happened to choose to go there at exactly the same time as me)! They are the cutest together.

Robyn told me she can't believe how strong Max is and was a bit concerned as he piggy-backed her up to Broadview Avenue. His daily drumming, constant personal fitness classes and natural energy make it easy for him to do anything physical!

They decided to hang out,

and watch, while I attempted to run the track. (their presence made me want to show off).

The track is 400 metres. I ran it twice. The fact that it was nice & cool out, helped a lot. There were other runners (and some very speedy dogs) along the route.

In the end, I felt kinda like Rocky, (without the triumphant music).

The Italian Stallion - (without the raw eggs),

Rocky's Run after racing through the streets of Philly and finally hitting the top of the 72 stone steps at the entrance of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. (no matter HOW many times I've watched this scene, I still get the chills and love it).

On Sunday, an estimated 15,000 runners and walkers are expected to pound the pavement in the GoodLife Fitness Toronto Marathon. Good luck everyone!

I'm not ready, (nor in condition for THAT), but I'll try to do the 800 metres at Riverdale Park again!
Maybe even tomorrow.

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