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Birthday girl and more!

Friday May 11/12.

Wishing my sister, Carrie, a fabulous birthday today! She was born on Mother's Day (our late Mum always said it was the best gift she EVER received on Mother's Day!) We've been best friends all our lives.

Riding bikes together, (hoo haw!)

building castles,

playing dress-up, ("I got the dumb one."),

and just hanging out. (I really miss that back porch at the old "hidey hole"!)

Carrie deserves only the best in the year ahead! See you later today for a mini-birthday celebration with Auntie Ray at lunch!

Has been quite a week so far.

My son, Max, and his pals, Cleo, Celeste and a rather intense Brooklynne have been shooting a school video project at our house.
Watched the third last episode of House ("Post Mortem") - twice! Once alone, once, later, with Kate. Best parts? The wacky road trip shared by House & Wilson! (Loved seeing the ever-good Wilson become "inconsiderate", as he called it). And the threesome House set him up for? (can only IMAGINE what happened there!)

Meanwhile, I've been doing daily runs at the Riverdale Park track on a quest to get in some exercise and relieve stress. (doctor's orders to keep from going round-the-bend or over-the-edge). Hey, better late than never!!

Lots of people have told me for years I'd be a good candidate for running but I never listened. Who knew I'd actually LIKE it?

I started off with two laps (800 metres), even running in the rain one day, and have worked my way up to 4 and a half laps (1.8 kms). Takes my mind off a lot of crap and feels good, especially when the temperature is cool.

Each lap takes me past Bridgepoint Hospital, where my cousin Kev lived for about a month last summer.

I used to sneak Henkell champagne into him there every night,

smuggling it in just in time to sparkle up his hospital dinner! Cheers!

But shhhhhhhhhh, don't tell anyone!

Sometimes I think of those days when I run past Bridgepoint and feel so happy Kevan is OUTTA there and his fractured ankles have healed!

Meanwhile, this week, I also had a colonoscopy at the Kensington Institute.  This time, opted to go there and pay the extra $50 for proper sedation (Propofol),

so the procedure was pain-free! Yippee! I wasn't allowed to drive afterwards, but later, after some rest,

went out for a run and checked out all the pretty flowers

at the newly-opened Garden Centre at No Frills.

Just looking at the colours is good for the soul!

Went shopping for groceries (again). Man, I sure have to spend a lot of time at this store to keep stuff in stock!

Couldn't believe the number of seagulls flying over the parking lot!

Started to remind me of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds!

Ran into my musical blog mascot, Aubrey, on the way home. Bought him a Heineken. He was busy on his cell. (but was smiling, so maybe he's getting back together again with his girlfriend and our wedding plans are off!) Ha ha
Yesterday, drove to Bloor & Bay, parked at the Manulife Centre and went Mother's Day/birthday shopping. What did I buy? I'm not telling!

To quote Lucy in the Charlie Brown series, "Presents for pretty girls???" (Carrie, you'll find out later today)!

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