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May 6/12.

Decided to try another round of running at Riverdale Park this morning.

(if I could do it once, maybe again!) No way I could do the 10 k run (or even the 5 k) that so many are involved in on the streets of Toronto today! This time, increased my run by one lap, for a total of 1200 metres.

I was ready to sit down after that, lemme tell ya! (And it was hat head time)! This pic was taken at the start of one of the beautiful walking trails they have at Riverdale. Next time, I'll explore.

(for the time being, it was tough enough just propelling myself back up the massive hill after the run!)

Afraid I haven't quite been able to reach the zen-like state people say they get into when they run.

As Woody Allen asked Shelley Duvall in Annie Hall, (1977), - "Did it achieve total heavy-ocity?" Nope. Haven't hit that stage yet! (and ya, I know "Alvy Singer" was referring to a rock concert, not running, but it's still a funny line!)

So far, (to quote Shelley as "Pam" the rock critic), I haven't found running to be "transplendent", but I'm workin' on it!!

Maybe on "Day 3" I'll hit the motherload of
"Total Transplendent Heavy-ocity!"  THAT day, (as Will Ferrell would say playing James Lipton on SNL) will be "so scrumtrulescent I can barely move"! - Can only hope!
Ha ha
Will Ferrell portrays James Lipton of Inside the Actor's Studio opposite Alec Baldwin as Charles Nelson Reilly on SNL.

(Sounds much funnier when Will Ferrell says it)!! Check it out.

While in the park and on the trail, I saw many squirrels. It reminded me of my sister, Carrie's ongoing experience with Stella the Squirrel and Prickles the Porcupine. For anyone who doesn't know, Carrie was a longtime host
 of the TVO kids show Polka Dot Door.

She's a brilliant singer, very funny kids entertainer and her work as a puppeteer is perfection. When a squirrel decided to make a nest on top of her third floor apartment air conditioner a few months ago, and then, gave birth to five babies, Carrie chronicled all the events as they unfolded, shooting the action, editing it, narrating the segments (as Prickles), and becoming very involved in the lives of this little squirrel family. This is the latest of her youtube videos, which she calls,
The Sad One.

The stunning music is by our composer cousin, Kevan Staples (of Rough Trade fame). I think Carrie is well on her way to a new career as a documentary filmmaker. Beautifully done. I am very proud of my multi-talented sister.

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