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Dress up, dress down

May 13/12.

Happy Mother's Day!

Enjoyed a good one with my daughter, Kate and son, Max at Bubie and Zaidy's condo.

Quite a delectable spread from Pickle Barrel, courtesy of my generous sister-in-law, Carolyn and bro-in-law, Neil.
Fab food, (and I ALWAYS enjoy a meal I don't have to cook)!

My niece, Robin, will celebrate her birthday next week, but since she won't be in town, the family sang her an early happy birthday. It was, quite possibly, the worst version I've ever heard. (and apparently, Robin agreed)! But, guess it's the THOUGHT that counts. Hope it's a good one for you anyway Robbie!

Besides Robin, four more of the 8 grandchildren were there to celebrate all the Mums in the fam.
(left to right) Adam, Justin, Kate & Max.

My beautiful Mum-in-law, Jean Bornstein, was very glad to have everyone there. She's never happier than when her kids and grandkids can be together.

Afterwards, I drove by my late Mum's old house to say hello. Ya, I KNOW she's not there anymore, but the house brings back lots of good memories. Happy Mother's Day Mum, - where EVER you are!

Also said hi to Hank Chestnut, the little tree in her front yard which she named after her old highschool pal (since it's a chestnut tree)! Getting bigger, slowly but SURELY!!

Thank you Dr. Rumack!

Later, Max & I stopped at my cousin, Kevan's place to drop off some Mother's Day flowers for his wife. But who should answer the door when we rang the bell? Carole Pope! Time for a Rough Trade reunion/photo-op right on the front porch! Carole is visiting from L.A. She took part in a youth songwriting workshop in Toronto the other day and is heading to Vancouver to play the Media Club this coming Thursday featuring songs from her latest album,

Landfall (co-produced by Carole), featuring a guest performance by Rufus Wainwright and a co-write by Hawksley Workman. The album is available through iTunes and Amazon.

Click here to buy Carole's new CD!

Meanwhile, I went from dressed-up-&-decked-out-for-Mother's Day mode, to running attire

for Riverdale Park. Yesterday, I was FINALLY able to complete over 2,000 metres (5 laps), which translates to more than 1.2 old-fashioned miles. But today, in the morning, paid for it! Couldn't even get past 3 laps due to leg pain. (I really need new and better shoes)! Went back later in the afternoon to try again, but could only do one lap. Opted for some walking and other exercises instead. All of this lovely parkland

is right next to the DVP and all that traffic. That's city life in T.O.!

Had another dress up/dress down day on Friday. It was my sister, Carrie's birthday. We celebrated with a lunch time visit to the great Auntie Ray in the dining room of her condo. Carrie had a chocolate eclair (with birthday candles). Auntie Ray got early Mother's Day cards from us.

We took Auntie Ray up to the building's computer room to show her some videos from Carrie's Facebook page.

Where she seemed quite duly impressed by Carrie's singing of Bach music, among other things she saw and

You can listen to Carrie's beautiful Bach work (performing all 3 parts!) in episode 11 of her Stella the Squirrel video here. The singing begins at :07. Stunning stuff!

After Carrie's mini-party, once again, I went from birthday bash apparel, (new t-shirt dress from H & M)

back to running gear (and being Cinderella) again. (man, with all his quick-change work, I could use a dresser or a stylist!) Ha ha!

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