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St. Patty's Day

March 17/12.

It's not easy being green. (Just ask Kermit). This song has been known to make people cry for many different reasons.


Wasn't easy for ME to be green today. Had to scour the closet.
This is the only green thing I own! It was bought at Smart Set, (sometime in the '80s I think). Can't believe how much I used to LOVE turtle necks (no, not frog necks!) But every once in a while, this green velour shirt comes in handy. Seemed like everybody on the Danforth was decked out in green.

My daughter, Kate was no exception. Took this shot of her right outside the Dora Keogh Irish pub on what they call "the friendliest day of the year." Cute outfit! (Love the guys with the big hats)!

The Fox and Fiddle didn't exactly do it up big time, but they decorated with some green & white balloons.

Loblaws had some pretty St. Patty's Day cakes,

and green cupcakes in the bakery. Didn't buy any of this stuff, since people keep telling me I have to eat healthy. So tonight, I had plenty of green broccoli.

Somehow, that reminds me of Dana Carvey's old signature song, Choppin' Broccoli! (he originally used it as part of his audition for Saturday Night Live and then was hired by Lorne Michaels in 1986). This version is from one of his HBO specials. I often think of this ridiculous number when I'm choppin' brocco-LEE!

While I was in Loblaws,

saw bunches of small bouquets of colourful flowers. Wanted to buy them all!

And something bizarre happened today at Loblaws.

 A clerk was ringing up my grocery purchases, when I heard a loud thud. Quickly turned around and saw a woman had taken a terrible fall a few feet away from me. She had her own small grocery cart with her and it tumbled over too. No one offered assistance, (even though there was someone right behind her). I rushed over and immediately realized she was very drunk. I helped her to her feet, then picked up the cart and asked if I could pull it to the checkout counter for her. She first said yes, but then told me she wasn't finished shopping yet, so I handed the cart back to her. She thanked me very much for coming to her aid.
I went back to my counter and told the clerk what happened. Then, I noticed the woman was leaving the store, going out the door with her cart, filled with groceries, without paying. I looked at the clerk and she called her manager, but by the time they discovered what had happened, the woman was gone. As I walked to my car with the grocery bags, I asked a newspaper vendor out front if he'd seen her. He said yes and told me he's seen her many times and she has often taken food out of the store in this manner.  I wasn't sure what to think after having helped her, except that she was very lucky not to have been caught and arrested. I guess I was helping a fugitive without even knowing it.

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