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Special day

March 16/12.

Happy birthday to my lifelong fave,

Jerry Lewis! He's 86 today! - And he's coming to Casino Rama to do a live show on April 13th at 9 p.m.!
Here's a link to order tickets for Jerry's show.

And a link to ALL the upcoming Casino Rama performances.

I first fell in love with Jerry when I was 11 years old and saw him do this fabulous number called CUTE in the movie Cinderfella. It's the Count Basie classic, written & arranged by Neil Hefti. Flute solo by Frank Wess, drum solo by Sonny Payne. The rest? ALL Jerry, ALL gold! My favourite part is from 1:24 to 1:47 (but really I love EVERY SECOND of the scene). Absolutely brilliant - and I've watched it eleventy billion times!

Have the best birthday ever Jerry!  Hope to see you in April!

Today is also my cousin, Sacha's birthday - have a great one! Will have a prezzie for you later! (Unlike Jerry, she's shy about having her picture on blogs, even though she's stunningly gorgeous!)

Today, had lunch with my lovely friend,
MaryLenore Arsenault, publicist extraordinaire! Her outfit is classy, while mine makes me look like I dropped down from another planet - (maybe with Mork from Ork?) The reason? MaryLenore writes a blog called Moss Park Fashionistas. She told me if I wore something vintage, she'd put me in her blog. So, just for her, I wore a "vintage '70s "flower power" button-up shirt over a lacy coral peek-a-boo shirt, teal mini-skirt, black studded tights and vintage red Mexicana cowboy boots with stars. (the boots belong to Kate). Now THAT'S fashion! (not!) Meanwhile, MaryLenore looked like a million bucks in her floral top and matching floor-length skirt! Perfect for spring.
(Fashion credit for MaryLenore: Satin floral skirt & jacket by Betsey Johnson - purchased at F/X Clothing - now called Original) on Queen Street West).

Here is a link to MaryLenore's blog.

We had a great lunch at Le Papillon on Front.

The restaurant is right across the street from the famous flatiron building, (Gooderham building), created in 1892.

MaryLenore always has fantastic ideas, and had a few for me regarding some of my job aspirations. It was a beautiful day outside.
We even asked our go-getter waiter, Vovan, to pose with us. (he was very excited about the prospect of being featured in TWO blogs!) Vovan has been working at Le Papillon for 15 years, speaks French (mais oui!) and recommended the crepes. He was right. The black forest ham with apples crepe was delish. MaryLenore had the bacon and apple crepe served with maple syrup, (but I stole all the syrup, since she wasn't using it).

(Fashion credit for MaryLenore's vintage purple velvet opera coat - Bought at Ephemera Heirlooms Antiques at St. Lawrence Market)

(Fashion credit for Vovan - unknown, but HE LOOKS MAH-VE-LOUS!!)

After lunch, we stopped into a couple of stores. A really cool magazine store had all kinds of funny things including these coin banks,

and some really pretty notebooks.

I bought some cute and colourful tissue paper plus a gift bag, all 50 percent off.

Also went to a hair/makeup supply store to look around.

Bought a bottle of something called Paul Mitchell Taming Spray - (described as ouch-free detangler for kids). At $8.95, it's WAYYYYY cheaper than the stuff I usually buy, called I.C.O.N. CURE to comb through my birds nest of tangles after a shower. The clerk there swears it will work for me, but if not, says I can return it for store credit. We'll see! I've yet to find ANYTHING but CURE that will allow even a wide-toothed comb to tear through this mop, so I have my doubts! If not, it's going back! (I really should become a product tester as a profession!)

Then it was off to Urban Nails on the Danforth, where my new favourite manicurist, Kelly, acetoned and scraped off the old shellac, then fixed me up with a new, shiny pale pink shade. (I just can't get over having nails after biting them for decades)! That's TWO things I've given up lately - biting my nails, and wine. Not sure if the latter will last forever, but I'm trying! Next steps? Making some big decisions about looking for work. I think it's time to move forward.

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