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March 20/12.

A return visit today to Princess Margaret Hospital for a meeting with my medical oncologist.

Yep, the man I call "The Nutty Professor",

because he reminds me a lot of the Jerry Lewis character in the 1963 film.

(not quite so much since Dr. Eitan Amir buzzed his hair, but he really does sound like "Professor Julius Kelp" and is every bit as brilliant - but for REAL!) I couldn't believe he agreed to pose for pics! This is the man who called me months ago with the great news that I would not need to be subjected to chemo.

On that day last June, I was literally jumping for joy! For me, no chemo translated to no loss of hair, eyelashes, eyebrows, no nauseousness, no vomiting, no fatigue, - just pure happiness.

Dr. Amir had only good news for me again today. He confirmed the latest MRI showed nothing suspicious and that I should just go about business as usual. (hence the current job search!) My blood pressure was fine (down from last time, to 120/75) and all is well. Weight still low (97 lbs.), but better than it was when it dropped to 90, and I'm working on getting up to 100.

I celebrated tonight by attending an improv show at The Young Centre for the Performing Arts in the Distillery district, featuring five high school teams competing against each other, including the team from Rosedale Heights School of the Arts. (for some unknown reason, I managed to accidentally knock my camera into black & white mode just in time for this group pic, but I still like it). My daughter, Kate (third from left) used to be a member of this team, but since graduating, she's become their coach, (and biggest fan).

Here's Kate giving her team a few last minute instructions.

One of my favourite Rosedale performers is the hilarious Henry Paterson. He was featured in a scene where he had to portray a vicious young man, (as far removed from his real life personality as you could possibly imagine). This was his "vicious" look! The scene started with a therapy session to curb his vicious tendencies and ended in a monastery!

All the teams were very funny, just exploding with wild ideas. This group is from Abbey Park.

The team from Unionville.

the team from Cardinal Carter.

And the team from Barrie North Collegiate Institute.

This whole hysterical event was good for the soul! (the young man in front was assigned the role of a baby bird who fell out of the nest and broke his wing).

It's all part of the CIG (Canadian Improv Games), 

which has been bringing students together to explore improvisation since 1977. 

Everyone seemed to have a moment to shine on stage but I saw several standouts.

One of the most memorable, (in my humble opinion), was Robert Iannuzziello from Cardinal Carter. I stopped him in the lobby after the show and asked to take his picture. At 17, a very funny kid, (especially in a scene where he played a womanizing marriage counsellor who tries to steal the wives away from their unsuspecting husbands!)

It was a great way to spend the evening. You can never have too many laughs! The highly competitive games continue this week.

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