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Back to work?

March 18/12.

Due to circumstances beyond my control, it's been four years since my last job. (not that I don't do anything! I work my ass off, just not for a pay cheque!)  Looking after my Mum during her many challenges, illnesses, surgeries and confusion, then her death and Celebration of Life, next, the cleaning out and selling of her home, followed by my own breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, - it all kept me out of the biz,

and kinda locked away like Rapunzel in my tower,

escaping, mostly for hospital and doctor's appointments,

counting down the 16 radiation table top sessions at Princess Margaret, (lucky #7 here),

shopping at all my favourite exciting hot spots, like Price Chopper!

and Canadian Tire,

lugging loads of bags back to the castle,

doing the banking,


driving hither & thither,

gassing up the car,

taking Kate,

and Max where they needed to be whenever I could,

visiting Auntie Ray, and generally doing whatever else I was called upon to do!

Unlike my old life of interviewing stars for Global TV,  the only celebs I've run into during this long break were,

Justin Bieber, standing rather motionless near the cosmetics counter at Shoppers Drug Mart (where I keep them in business),

comic master Colin Mochrie at Loblaws, (he's very shy in person),

and Santa Claus at a Canuck Tire clearance sale! (he spoke not a word, but went straight to his work!)

My last paying job was working as a researcher/consultant for
the TV series Planet Soap aired on TVTropolis - (which was a ton 'o fun). I especially liked digging up the dirt on all the daytime characters who were buried alive over the years,

checking out the scoop on the feistiest diva catfights - (this one, between Katherine Chancellor and Jill Abbott on The Y & R),

and, of course, delving into the hottest love scenes! (General Hospital characters Sonny & Brenda's big moment outside Luke's was always among my top faves, - especially from 2:25 to 2:55 - up against the wall)! I know many soap fans agree with me. Maurice Benard & Vanessa Marcil had such incredible chemistry!

So now, miraculously and thankfully, cancer seems out of the picture, (except for follow-up appointments and Tamoxifen), and I feel it's finally time to try and get some work! I think I have a few marketable skills and I aim to put them to use! Voice-over work, freelance writing and maybe even radio or TV again, all on the list. Who knows?

In these tough economic times and with so much competition, it may take a while, but starting Monday, I'm pounding the pavement!

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