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MRI - Once more with feeling!

February 12/12.

Once again, days seem to have fallen thru the cracks around here. Time really does fly by sometimes when there's a lot to do and many demands on time. (but it's better than being bored! I actually don't comprehend the meaning of that word).

The long-awaited second MRI was scheduled for this afternoon. (wore something easy to zip on & off!) Thank goodness for hoodies! Why another MRI just ten months later? Might as well be honest. After the post-surgery lumpectomy/Sentinel lymph node biopsy pain finally disappeared around October, (yay!), it suddenly returned again in early December, (boo!), in exactly the same place as before and freaked the living hell out of me. 

Less than a month ago, paid a visit to the experts at Princess Margaret and they decided another mammogram and ultrasound should be done, but both tests were inconclusive. (same result as the first time, a year ago). For the record, this mammogram (again), showed absolutely nothing. (If I'd done no other tests, the cancer wouldn't have ever been discovered). Man, this dense breast tissue thing really wreaks havoc with the mammogram machine!

The Docs told me the soreness might be caused by fat necrosis (delightful) or by scar tissue, - OR, something else that I don't want to HEAR about. But they want to be sure. (So do I). - Another MRI was scheduled. Looks like I'll need another biopsy soon too. (where they take anywhere from two to five samples to be checked). Am I scared? You bet.

Back to my old stompin' grounds this afternoon. Had to explain all over again about the lower back pain I have that that doesn't allow me to lie on my stomach unless I have towels or pillows underneath me. They were very accommodating and got me well situated on the table, so my back didn't hurt at all. Had to get an IV line inserted for contrast dye and then lie there, without moving a muscle for what they said would be about 30 minutes. Turned out to be an hour, at least.

Good grief. Back in the old horrible double gown look. Gak.  (no WONDER the sign says WARNING!!)
EVEN I WANTED to go running for the exit!

Whew. Happy THAT'S over. Sam & I made several stops on the way home, including one at Shoppers to pick up Calcium/Magnesium  and Vitamin C for me - (who knew I'd be buying that stuff one day)?, -  plus some Valentine cards! (for VERY special people), and then - Subway sandwiches. Haven't had one in decades, but TODAY was the day for it! I split my coldcuts-concoction-on-wholewheat-bun with Kate - laced with lettuce, tomato, cucumber and black olives. Have to admit, it was great! She said the same. NOW all I have to do is get MRI results. Drum roll please!

Taking my mind off ALL of it with the Grammys. 

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