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January 17/12.

Crazy week! Not always in a good way.  Hardly a minute to catch my breath, sit down and write. Always something on the go, stuff to do, deadlines to hit and never a dull moment, that's for sure.

A few days ago, FINALLY got the Christmas decorations taken down and put away. Major chore. And SO much fun! (not!) All it took was six full hours of intense manual labour here at tinsel town, no breaks, removing each and every tiny little bangle and bauble from the mantle, the tree, the walls and piling it all into the middle of the livingroom floor.

Next? 63 trillion trips to the basement to bring all the cardboard boxes upstairs,

wrap every tiny little breakable thing in tissue or newspaper, pack it away in the boxes, one by one, and drag all the boxes back down to the basement cupboard for another year.

Then, replace all the regular trinkets to their proper places, vacuum up all the sparkles from the carpet and voila! - Easy! Back to normal! (well, except for some leftover Christmas gifts yet to find homes).

Almost looks like a real house again! Wow. Yay! I did it!

The next day, was my son, Max's 17th birthday. Gak. Can't believe it. His Christmas gift from us was two tickets for he and his gorgeous girlfriend, Robyn (still wearing her "moon boot") to see American Idiot,

the musical based on one of his fave bands - Green Day. (His birthday gift was cash to take Robyn out for dinner beforehand at Milestones). They had a blast.

For me, it was off to the optician's office to FINALLY pick up my new glasses, after months of wearing broken ones.

Ya, I know. Too "secretarial looking," - right?-  "Yes, Mr. Jones!" - Hate glasses, but whatever!  GOTTA have them for distance when I'm not wearing contacts.

Fat lot better than the broken ones, anyway!!

Next ultra-exciting stop - NO FRILLS for groceries - and cat litter again.

And when I got a home, a welcome visit from my sister, Carrie, who had a special birthday prezzie for Max - in a MASSIVE star-covered giftbag!

Turned out to be fabulous bongo drums! Something he's wanted for a long time! Sure will add to his drum collection/repertoire and I KNOW he'll soon be working on a series of wild new sounds!  Thanks Auntie Carrie! Cool gift!!

We had a gift for Carrie too! Sam ordered this digital battery charger stuff online for her. It finally arrived and now, she can USE it!

And that's not all. Sam's talented & artistic Mum, sent Carrie a black scarf, knitted using the "Uncle Ev pattern".

She immediately put it on! - I know what Uncle Ev what have said. - "PERFECT!!"

Had to have a pic with Carrie, wearing ANOTHER Jean Bornstein original scarf, (ALSO in the "Ev pattern), - this one in purple. Carrie gave me the grey boots for Christmas. I don't often think we look alike, but maybe in this shot....could be! The visit with Cayr was far too short. She was on her way to see the Mosbaugh fam for a fab dinner.

The next day?- Over to one of my fave stores at Gerrard Square - yep, Zellers! Needed a new shower curtain liner (oh, be still my heart!) Plus, - they had 50 percent off on most women's clothing. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bought a denim blue shirt for 5 bucks and a black lacey tank top for $3! Coolio!

Looked at one of my fave kiosks - the one with the flashy, sparkly rings. Didn't buy anything, but WOW!
Love them!

Couldn't BELIEVE what I saw while wandering Gerrard Square. They CLOSED La Senza! It's gone!

Couldn't leave Gerrard Square without picking up "take-out" noodles, fried rice and orange chicken for Sam at Asian Gourmet in the food court. (lemme tell ya, anything THEY prepare is a LOT better than what he'd get if I COOKED!!)

As for "Blue Monday"?? Helluva day. Won't lie. Parts of it - agonizing. But others, A-OK!

Went to good old Friendly Greek on the Danforth,

to have lunch with my old friend, MaryLenore Arsenault. So much to catch up on. She's got some very exciting new P.R. work! Congrats! 

And just a few hours later, off to the TIFF Lightbox Theatre, (my first time there), to check out the Grace Kelly exhibit,

She sure was a stunner!

Even got to "pose" with her at the elevator!

Then went into the TIFF theatre and watched  "In Converation with Juliette Lewis" - in the front row with my friend, Pam Pickard!

More about Juliette next blog entry!

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