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January 26/12.

One of the best decisions I've made for myself in the past few years, was to FINALLY sign up for Find Your Voice,
the course taught by brilliant actor/voice-over specialist Jason Deline. I've always loved working behind the mic, with headphones, (but it's been nine years since I left Global TV). The above pic was taken Tuesday night at TA2 - (Tattoo Sound + Music studio), where the six-week course is held, - 483 Eastern Avenue at Logan, (directly across from the famous Weston Bakery). Every week, when we depart the studio, the gang is overwhelmed by the delectable scent of fresh-baked bread! I've taken to driving three of the students to the Broadview subway station after class, not only to give them a lift, but so we can yak at length, about the voice experience in the car! LOVE it! We're all overly-energized, adrenaline-fueled, laughing and it's so much fun.

Hope Jason doesn't mind me "stealing" this pic from his FB profile page. So cute. We've all talked about him after class, not just because he's good looking - (duh), but mostly because attending one of his sessions is like watching a one-man/solo comedy show! How he comes up with hilarious one-liners, fast patter, wild improv suggestions, feedback/constructive criticism, (without making students feel slammed in ANY way), we don't know, but he does it every week! He makes us feel part of a cohesive team, (despite the wide-ranging age differences!) LOL. - Right gang??

(left to right, Jason, Brittney Scott, Chris Truax, Suli Ahmed & Meryle Trouble)

Everyone is casual & kind enough to allow me to take pics for the blog, even during weekly "warm-ups". Luckily, this shot came out blurry, due to the low lighting in the studio...(well, that's my story, and I'm sticking to it). Jason has a theory about reading scripts with your tongue out. Tough to do, - and sounds AWFUL, but he insists it helps with the final result.

Diana Galligan wasn't visible in the "speaking in tongues" pic above, but believe me, she's right up there when called upon for ANYTHING. Watching her in action on Tuesday night was incredible. She can do WHATEVER is required, at the drop of a hat, (if she HAD one)!  Really, watching EVERYONE was great! I feel like this team has quite a future!!

Jason, (who was ACTUALLY wearing a cool hat!),  is more than tolerant, & puts up with me taking all these blog shots during class, (here with the lovely Brittney), who is not only a very talented voice artist, but also a real sweetheart.

Jason watches, (but mostly LISTENS), intently, to everything his students say or do, talking to us constantly in our headsets, giving unbelievable directions. Meanwhile, easy-going recording engineer Dave Clark is there to support us too, and rolls with all the punches, no matter HOW bizarre  He's terrific. Dave runs in & out of the studio at least 47 times per evening, re-setting the mic, getting water for everyone, recording every inane thing we do, - whatever is required.

Jason NEVER stops hurling comments, thoughts, orders & ideas. Wish I could think as fast as he does!

But I never stop watching him & taking notes! Jason says we should only write in PENCIL, so we can ERASE! (I discarded my pen before the end of the first session)!

Suli and Meryle.

On this third night, we got to perform "two-handers" together, (commercials with two voices). We paired up and it was an absolute riot. We also got the opportunity to do animation character voices, (or TRIED to)!  Jason tossed us SO many over-the-top challenges. Meryle, (who is the funniest in the group, in my opinion), had my fave moment of the evening, when Jason asked that she perform her commercial as an 80-year-old lady. She did it instantly, NO prep, and I was in hysterical laughter. Truly great, inspired bit! We listened to her playback, laughed our heads off, and all agreed, it was the best class yet.  I would recommend this voice course to anyone who is interested in learning the art of voice work!

Next week? Our homework assignment is outta control! Won't go into detail, but we have to create all kinds of character voices, based on lists of ideas given to us by Jason. Can't WAIT to see what this creative/talented group comes up with! (As for me? I have no clue! - Yikes! Gulp! Gak! Egad! Ai yi yi! Help)!!

Before the Tuesday voice-over session, my sister, Carrie & I had to meet with the tax man downtown to finally wrap up the last of our late Mum's tax files. We didn't expect it be emotional, but it was. Afterwards, we went for a rare tea together at a place called Jet Fuel Coffee Shop on Parliament Street (recommended by the tax man). Turned out to be a really weird experience with surly servers, no menu board and we didn't know we were expected to bring our dishes to the front counter when we left!

We sat at the back and had two Earl Grey teas, and split a croissant and a danish,  (the only items they had left!) Had a great chat and caught up on life. We're planning to take our cousin, Kevan, out for dinner on Friday night as a birthday gift.

Yesterday, I had one more doctor appointment with my GP to straighten out the paperwork, etc. for the upcoming MRI on Sunday February 11th. (Used to be I spent all my time taking Mum to the doctor. Now, it's me!) Hopefully all will be well!

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