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Getting better!

January 27/12.

Got sick for 24 hours. Not fun. Didn't allow anyone to take pics in the state I was in, so will just use some
from OTHER days (instead of looking horrible in bed).

(this is NOT what I looked like yesterday, that's for damn sure!)

Here's what happened. Likely all my own doing. So many people have been concerned about my plumeting weight lately (down to 90 pounds), that I decided, OK, I'll just start eating and keep going. Not a wise move. Had perogies and later a big bowl of Shreddies with milk and fresh strawberries. A few hours later, I started to get really cold. Put my coat on and fell asleep on the den couch. Then woke up, shaking and absolutely freezing. Went up to bed, wore a bathrobe over my clothes, was under the Duvet and a big blanket, but NOTHING could stop the shaking. It was insane. Woke Sam up (which I never do), and told him I'm sick. He was thinking about calling an ambulance, but after about an hour, it started to subside a bit.

(I kinda looked like this.....not!  Had more of a half green/half blue hue).

Figured that after the many months of no appetite and then suddenly, piling on the calories - put my body into some kind of shock syndrome. By morning, I was still going in and out of major league cold flashes. My fingers turned white with cold (as it does in Raynaud's syndrome). Looked it up, and Raynaud's is usually related to exposure to cold. Also read this syndrome can be related to stress. (seems EVERYTHING can be related to stress!) At any rate, was very weak all day and spent most of my time in bed, sleeping or reading, (while shaking with cold). Weird or what? (thank you Shatner).

Sam went out and bought me a bunch of cans of Ensure (as recommended by my GP). Had my first one today....chocolate. Man, that stuff is heavy and dense and I'm not used to that at all. But I've promised everyone I'll gain weight, so I'm going to try to keep drinking it.

Maybe that way, I can get back to normal one of these days!

In the meantime, Carrie and I are taking our cousin, Kevan, out for his birthday dinner tonight to a restaurant called Sauvignon.

It will be the first time in our lives we've done this - just the three of us. (the original "stocking kids" as Carrie calls us) - since we spent every Christmas together as kids and ALWAYS opened our big red Santa stockings on the floor, as a team.

We have a lot to talk about. Kev is among the best men I've known in my life! He's like a brother to us, but also, a great friend. Glad I'm feeling better today. Here's to a great evening!!

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