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January 24/12.

This new year has been challenging to keep up with. Days often just seem to fly by. Used to write a blog entry per day, but lately, tough to do. Motivation down, "Intensity Entity" low, stress high, weight low (yes, everyone, I'm aware), responsibilities high, downtime low, emotional overload (both high AND low). Every which way but loose.

Awaiting results from ultrasound, with more tests to come. In the meantime, days are filled to capacity with all manner of things. Some ultra-FUN, some killer sad, some too hilarious for words, some too tough to even think about. I'm sure everyone goes through periods like this. What to DO about it? I'm not sure. The old cliche I guess - just live one day at a time.

Here's a look at some of the things which have been going on.

January 18 - American Idol returned for season 11! -  Yay! Always gives me a lift!

Love the show, (especially the audition episodes). Having worked with TV editors for 18 years, can only imagine the craziness involved in packaging the best highlights from the 1,002 Savannah auditions (not to mention, thousands of funny reactions from Steven, Jennifer and Randy), into a two-hour segment. The editing really makes it for me!

In the first show, one of my favourite parts was when the question was asked,  "What goes on in Steven Tyler's head when he makes those faces?"

Then they proceeded to show a squirrel on water-skis, (among other wild Tyler fantasies), and gave us glimpses of the great contestants mixed in with the usual number of knock-your-socks-off-awful contenders. In the end, 42 of the Savannah wannabes won golden tickets and are "GOING TO HOLLYWOOD!"

The next night of A.I. (January 19), moved on to Pittsburgh.

I kinda liked THIS guy! First thing I thought was, he's in a Justin Timberlake vein, when suddenly, JLo said, "Sounds like Jamiroquai & Justin Timberlake had a baby!" He sang his own original song, written on the way to Pittsburgh. A bold audition. 38 golden tickets were handed out on day two.

Before A.I. on Thursday night, met up with my old Global TV colleague and longtime friend, Rob Davidson, for a late lunch at The Friendly Greek on the Danforth. Has been quite a while since I've seen him, so a lot to catch up on. We've known each other about 25 years. NO shortage of conversation. (up until my car almost got towed away from the Danforth parking space at 4 o'clock). Thank goodness Rob spotted the tow truck seconds before it was too late! (never a dull moment, as usual).

Got through the Princess Margaret mammogram and ultrasound tests on the 20th and decided I'd do whatever I like on "Mundane Monday" to make myself feel better!

But not before a great Sunday afternoon visit with the amazing Auntie Ray at her condo, where we talked about everything under the sun,

and then, later on, back  home, decided to actually cook! Yep.

Made manicotti - two different kinds. (cheese and meat)

What a riot. Haven't whipped up manicotti in about three decades.

Forgot how time consuming it is! (especially the "ceremonial stuffing of the shells!"
Ai Carumba! But the final result was good!

"Mundane Monday" turned out to be GREAT! Went to the Eaton Centre.

Breakfast at Starbucks.

Shopped at Forever 21. (didn't buy anything).

next, The Body Shop,

for more of my favourite vanilla lotion, (big sale on, - buy two, get third one free!)
Good deal!

Dropped by the Bay Cat Hospital to pick up a bag of specialty food for our cat, Tru,

and visited with some very playful cats,

all up for adoption.

This one was particularly pretty!

Stopped off at our local mall, Gerrard Square,

for the big sidewalk sale,

Again, didn't buy anything, but there was plenty to look at!

To Shoppers, (where I seem to spend half my life),

and Canadian Tire, (where they didn't have the frying pan I needed). Guess I won't be able to cook.
Drat. (not!)

plus Loblaws,

where they had an abundance of exotic goodies that made me want to travel to a hot tropical island!

and to the Bulk Barn. Valentine's Day candy is everywhere!

(cinnamon hearts in bulk anyone?)

Hung out for a while with my good friend, Pam,

Went to see My Week with Marilyn for the second time. (Michelle Williams ended up getting nominated
for an Oscar, as I knew she would. She's fantastic in this movie!)

Later called cousin Kevio to wish him a happy birthday (though we had celebrated the occasion a few nights before). I hope it's a great year ahead for him!

Quite a "me day". Lots of fun, and a blast-&-a-half x 5!  But was pretty tired when I got home!

Next entry? - day three at Jason Deline's voice-over class!

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