Lain's Log

Medical update

January 22/12.
Back at Princess Margaret Hospital.

Familiar territory.

Spent several hours there on Friday for follow-up appointments.

Ai carumba. The old medical gown - but hey, they spruced it up! Different colour/pattern! WOW!

Not supposed to take pics in the mammogram room. But I live by Auntie Ray's rules.
Do what you want to do. (Apologize later). Somebody stop me! (NOT!)

Had the mammogram (ouch! - and it showed absolutely nothing), then, the ultrasound, (really painful, but again, inconclusive), and will soon have another MRI and perhaps another biopsy. (fun). Can't wait!!!!
But at least, they're listening to my requests and moving forward. One day at a time.
Looking forward to "Mundane Monday"!


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