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Princess Margaret - again!

January 10/12.

After a few months away from hospitals, back on the medical front. First? At my GP's office for a check-up, - (the parking attendant took the pic for me! - but not till after collecting $10 for a space!)

After some tests, then off to

the Princess Margaret Hospital parking lot, where, once again, the ONLY parking space available was on
popular P6! - (Couldn't anyone EVER pull out of a spot on the FIRST floor when I'm in a hurry??
Guess not).

Was weird to be in front of the old marquee again. Lots of construction workers surrounding me,
(but no one offered to snap a pic like the good old days. Couldn't even find my trusty security guard!) This one was taken with the autocam stashed on top of a shaky post.

On the way down to the basement to meet with the radiation oncologist, saw hundreds of these paper doves with names written on each one. Turns out, during the holiday season, lots of people make donations to PMH and have the names of loved ones posted here. Quite a pretty sight!

Yep, back in the expert's office to have this ongoing breast pain situation checked out. Verdict? Likely nothing, - probably just scar tissue, -  but just to be sure, the oncologist has arranged not only a mammogram (which detected NOTHING last March), but also an ultrasound and possibly, a second MRI, depending on how things look.  No word yet on another biopsy. Don't really WANT a repeat biopsy, but mmmm hmmmm, naturally, will DO it, if need be! (What else?)

Then, - major league grocery power shopping, making dinner, doing laundry, dishes, making up beds, putting out garbage, clearing the cat's litter box, etc. and still NO time yet to put the Christmas decorations away. Hopefully, can do that on Tuesday before starting my first Jason Deline voice class at 7 on Tuesday evening. (Hope I can remember how to read a script out loud!) Good night everybody! - Meanwhile, SO cold in the house tonight. Wearing my coat at the computer! Wish I was in Costa Rica, Casablanca, Cuba, Puerto Vallarta or Pasadena! - (someplace warmer than THIS!)

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At January 11, 2012 at 12:04 a.m. , Anonymous Anonymous said...

So glad to hear the good report. It can never hurt to be too sure though, so best of luck during the mammogram, ultrasound, and potential MRI. All my good wishes!


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