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Old friends

October 25/11.

Haven't been able to post much because everyone I've seen the last few days, has refused permission to allow me write about them! (Who knew I have so many very private pals)? But not tonight!

My incredible friend, Pam Deacon-Pickard, (whom I first met poolside during a family vacation several years ago at Fern Resort in Orillia), took me out for a belated birthday dinner tonight at Omonia on The Danforth. We had a blast!

She toasted me for a happy, healthy year ahead (could use it!) and we enjoyed appetizer Greek salads, seafood souvlaki for me, pork souvlaki for her, with rice and veggies! All delicious! Though I live just blocks from Omonia, this was my first visit to the classy establishment (as I usually frequent my fave place, The Friendly Greek).

Pam, Dave and me!

Our waiter, Dave, was so handsome, Pam & I concluded he must be a model or actor. Turns out, he's a musician, a bassist with the band SIXXXER, (described as a rock alternative punk band from Toronto). According to legend, formed in 2009 and released their first EP in April of 2010. Sadly, my attempt at taking an auto-shot with him, failed miserably, and looks even worse if I move in for a close-up. Sorry about that, Dave! He is also a very attentive server and helped make it a great evening!

Apparently, Dave B also plays in another band called Neverending White Lights.
Will have to check them out!

Pam & I share a mutual love for Robin Williams, so naturally, she had to wear her Robin jacket, purchased at his last live Toronto concert. (she bought me a fridge magnet from one of his shows which never leaves our fridge!)

Pam reminded me about her funny Robin story from a few years ago. It happened as he made his way to the stage for his one-man show at Massey Hall. Right after he was introduced, it became quiet and Pam yelled out "I love you Robin!" He instantly replied, "LOOK everyone - it's my first Canadian Slut!" Pam jumped out of her seat and shouted, "Woo hoo!" - (then promptly sat down!) A memorable Robin moment.

Pam says, Robin is the only man ever who would be able to get away with calling her such a name.

(for the record, I'd be OK with him calling ME that too!) Woo hoo!

Seems to be my week for reuniting with old friends. On Monday night, went with a special acquaintance, (who wishes to remain nameless) to The Sierra Grill at Bayview Village. We enjoyed a heartfelt conversation for a couple of hours. Very nice way to spend an afternoon. After so very many months looking after Mum and then myself, I was forced to neglect friends. Trying to make up for that now.

Inside, (while waiting for the mystery guest to arrive), this was the cute
fall-themed lobby display.

Took the TTC home from Bayview & Sheppard and discovered a lovely sunset view awaiting me at the neighbourhood intersection of Broadview & Danforth at rush hour.

Wow! So pretty.

The weather was so beautiful, didn't even need a jacket!

Then, ran into my latest blog mascots, the coolest guys - Bolton brothers Aubrey & Dana. They played for me (and others!) at Gerrard & Carlaw.

Love them! They perform so well as a duo. (And well they SHOULD, after decades together!) - To date, Aubrey & Dana have yet to EVER see themselves on this blog, since neither has access to a computer. Wish they could make enough money to afford one!

Just a block from home, had to stop and take a shot of the beautiful autumn colours at Withrow Park. (note the tree hugger!) I don't want fall to end!

"Oh Auntie Em, there's NO place like home!"

Our street is looking stunning!

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At October 26, 2011 at 1:56 p.m. , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Elaine: You are looking far too thin. Please gain some weight.

At October 26, 2011 at 8:22 p.m. , Anonymous Elaine Loring said...

Yet another mystery blog guest here!
Workin' on it.
As you see, going out for dinners, having lots of great food. Body wants to stay where it's at for the moment! Revving Intensity Entity internal motor seems to keep me slim. Believe me, NOT anorexic here!! Any day now, I will blow up REAL good! (thank you John Candy!)


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