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Photo shoot!

October 6/11.

At my age, sure didn't expect to be doing a photo shoot with a pro photog, but it happened!

My old friend, Randy Maxwell (known as Randy Stevens back in the CFTR Radio days), offered to help me in my quest for the elusive "backlit golden hue" kind of shot I've been after on the hill at Riverdale Park overlooking the city skyline. Randy has always been the kind of guy to make things happen and he sure did it last night! We met on Broadview Avenue just after 6 p.m. and had one sunset hour to work with. I'm really happy with the results! Here's a look at a few of the pics. (Note: the picture above was taken with my trusty Canon digi-cam - on "auto-shot" with the camera perched on top of my car. Just caught the last of the sunset)!

This one is currently my new Facebook status pic!

Tried a few with my jacket on. Love the way the city is silhouetted.

There's the backlit golden hue! Perfect!

Also shot a few in another area of the park, once the sun was disappearing.


Nice job Randy! You made me feel pretty today. (Cue West Side Story music: I Feel Pretty! LOL)
It was really fun to be a model for an hour!

Afterwards, we dropped by the Fox and Fiddle pub on the Danforth for a drink and talked all about the good old radio days!

It was way back in 1976 when we worked at 'TR!! (now better known as 680 News). What happened to all the years? (35 years??? Yikes) - Cheers! (uh, KINDA wish Randy would have told me to tuck in my bra straps. Oh well. Too late NOW!!)

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