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October 5/11.

I've been zompified!!

Yep. Love Zombies. Always have. Always will.
Saw the shirt, couldn't resist! (Halloween is coming soon, right?)

Trekked over to lay some zompification on Kevio at Bridgepoint for a while.

He's had some ups and downs, as anyone would after 46 days stuck in a wheelchair in rehab, sharing a "suite" with three wild & crazy roomies!! He wants to go home!!

The GOOD news is, he's been walking all over the place - not EASILY, he tells me - (sadly, I still haven't seen a demonstration yet!), but he's DOING it,

with the help of crutches and his "moon-walking boots"!

On top of all that, Kev got asked to be part of a photo shoot for a Bridgepoint brochure or promotion of some kind! - CLICK!



They wanted photos of patients who were recuperating well, and Kev is a perfect example! He joked that he did all his best "Zoolander" modelling expressions,

a la Ben Stiller!

Don't TELL anyone, but -

(I think Kevio could make the COVER)!
The photogs told Kev he was good, and a natural behind the camera!

(little did they know of the countless photo shoots he did over the years,

with Rough Trade!!) - Hilarious!

P.S. - Kev was ASKED to perform a Zoolander pose like THIS!

(but in his current condition, he declined)! - Good move!

See you tonight Kev, on the Henkell run!

The next day, I had lunch with an old friend, the lovely and very talented MaryLenore Arsenault. We met many years ago when she worked in Toronto as a music publicist. (anybody else remember Be-Bop Communications)? I sure do! We always enjoyed working on projects together!

On our lunch talk agenda, let's see: the ever-changing music biz, Jonatha Brooke (beautiful singer she represented and I LOVE), clothing, money (or lack thereof), and men, men, men!! - Lots of laughs, lemme tell ya! Mary is a real gem!

Since then, she's worked in New York, Nashville and is now back to stay in Toronto, which is great! She has her own blog, with the hilarious name of Moss Park Fashionista!! Let's do lunch again soon Mary! And good luck with EVERYTHING!!! (check out her blog, below)

Moss Park Fashionista.

Later, hit the hill again, for yet another "cityscape auto-cam experimental shot"!

TONIGHT, just for fun, my old friend, Randy Maxwell, (ex-Randy Stevens in the CFTR radio days!)

is going JOIN me at the Riverdale Park hill to shoot some pics for me!! He's in the video biz and is a great photographer too, so, maybe he can help make me look like a model! (not!!) LOL. (good luck with THAT Randy!!)

I'll come armed with mirror, hairbrush, cans of hairspray, overstuffed makeup bag, industrial strength bag-cream, you name it!! (where's my Global TV makeup artist Dana Joon when I NEED her?? MISS YOU DANA!!)

Meanwhile, yesterday was not the happiest of days. I returned to Princess Margaret Hospital,

- this time, not for myself, but to help a friend of mine who is about to embark on "the cancer journey" too. She is very private and prefers that I call her, "Madame X!" Two of her other pals and I, stayed with her for many hours as she waited to hear test results.

We spent ages talking about Howard Stern & SIRIUS Radio,

Bobby Sherman!

William Shatner!

and lots more men, men, men!! (what ELSE??)

Then, when Madame X got called in to be given the results, she was told, they don't HAVE them!!! WTF? That happened to me too and I went all cuckoo-nutsy-reporter on them and actually tracked down the lab technician who HAD the results and BEGGED her to fax them to my Doc. She did. Wanted to help my friend do the same, but couldn't.

She was told to take off, have lunch and come back in an hour. We all went across the street to Sick Kids Hospital and hung out at the weekly fruit/veggie market there.

I ended up buying sweet potato fries (all cut up and ready to bake) and tomatos.

Upon returning to the hospital, Madame X finally saw the surgeon and was told things didn't look good. I drove her home and tried to make her feel a little better. Today, she got confirmation that it's abdominal cancer and she'll have her surgery on October 12th, just a week from now.
I'll be praying for you sweetie and will do what I can to help. I got through it. You will too.

Before leaving the hospital, I paid a visit to the old easel (which I used to look at EVERY DAY), to see what inspirational message it had.

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