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August 24/11

When I showed up at my cousin, Kevan's hospital room at Mount Sinai to visit him today, I couldn't BELIEVE what I saw! Just fantastic! He rolled out of his room in a wheelchair! Not in bed anymore! Yay Kev!!

Despite two different types of crazy leg casts, and being unable to walk or do much of anything, - he was there, right in front of my eyes, whipping around in his wheelchair, smiling, drinking the Druxy's coffee I brought him, and filled with the crazy optimism which has always been his trademark. Do you think I cried? (will let you guess). Kevio. You are da bomb.

Kev said if I could show myself after breast cancer surgery, he could do THIS. The massive step from bed to wheelchair, blows my mind and makes me KNOW he's going to be better than OK. And the look on my face? What I see here? He's my cuz! Nothing else matters at this moment, but Kevan, and him getting better. (as for HIS face? I leave that open to interpretation!!)

Carrie called my cell while I was with Kev and said she had made muffins for him and wanted to see him. Carrie and I are OLD HANDS at hospital visits, so told her I'd meet her in the lobby. Kev had already eaten the "bagel with schmeer" I brought, and then, his chicken cacciatore hospital din arrived 15 minutes later. (The man needs his strength!) - so I took off to go find Carrie. Afterall, - "Hospitals-R-Us!!"

With Carrie in the Mount Sinai lobby. Sigh. More hospital visits? Well, OK, bring it on!! Carrie spent an hour with Kev, yakking about anything and everything and was equally as thrilled as I was to see his progress.

When I arrived at Mt. Sinai to pick up the bagel & cream cheese I promised to Kev, I checked out the lobby takeout place, - "On the way Cafe", but the bagels and cream cheese did NOT look good. (How can it BE that Mt. Sinai doesn't have good bagels & cream cheese??)

NOT gonna bring Kev a crappy sandwich. Headed back to my OWN old stompin' grounds, at Princess Margaret, to go to Druxy's, where bagels & cream cheese rule! Got him the GOOD stuff there!!

Go HERE if you want a good bagel with cream cheese!!

Said goodbye to Cayr, who took over the next "Kev-shift". Then, I went to do some errands, - groceries, Shoppers and (naturally), the LCBO, where I ran into my fave street music bros, east coasters, Aubrey (left), Dana, (right). Love these guys. (and apparently, they love me too)! First, they attracted an audience of one - diehard blues fan Geoff, who couldn't get enough of their sound,(and offered to take pics of the brothers with me).

Had a great chat with Aubrey & Dana. They played some wild, rockin' tunes, and asked me how my blog is going. (they can't see it, since they no longer have a working computer).

Last time I saw them, in late July, I promised them each a beer. The store was closing, and I missed the deadline, but not today! Made good on my IOU. Cheers boys! Rock on!

Aubrey & Dana share a toast.

(they yelled their usual, "Love ya Baby!", when I took off). I think Kevan would have approved of me sharing the wealth with a couple of up-and-coming musicians who don't have casts on their legs. Pay-it-forward!

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