Lain's Log

Holiday over

August 21/11.

All good things must come to an end.
Max enjoys the last poolside barbeque on Saturday afternoon.

The barbeques are great - have anything you like, no work, no cleanup, and everything is fresh, hot & delish. (and anyone who was worried about my weight loss, don't be. Haven't stepped on the scale yet, but, won't be 95 pounds anymore, can tell ya that)!!

The next morning, time to pack everything up and get ready to leave.

One last visit to the back deck to say goodbye to that beautiful lake view. I think it's my favourite part of Fern - seeing this every morning and every night.

Max says a fond farewell too, wearing some of his new clothes from Blue Notes in Orillia. (same place I got my I love Zombies t-shirt!)

After picking up our cat, Tru, from my parents-in-law, (who kindly looked after her during our holiday), I was invited to Val & Dan's house for dinner (sister and bro-in-law of by good friend, Joanne, visiting from L.A.) I met up with Val's dogs, Romi (Rottweiller) and Lexie (German Shepherd). Have never been a dog person. Scared of them. But these two seem pretty nice! Both are friendly, with none of the troublesome traits often associated with Rottweiller's or German Shepherds!

The dinner gang in Val & Dan's kitchen.
(left to right), Valerie Silver, Joanne Silver, Linda Murphy-Boyer, Michael Boyer, Dan Ivak!

Joanne (left), with her friend, Linda, shows off the beautiful glass fusion bowl she made for her sister, Valerie, as a gift. Stunning!! She made one for me too, but completely different from this one. It's a keeper!!

Dinner was awesome. Cedar plank barbequed salmon, fresh corn on the cob (which I brought from Hewitt's in Orillia), tomatos, and some fabulous salads.

(Left) - wheatberry salad, (right), couscous/smoked gouda salad.
Both fabulous!

I always love seeing this photo at Val's place. It's a pic of Joanne (left) and her older sister, my best pal, Franelle, (right). SO cute.
An oldie, but a goodie!!

One of Val's many talents is as a dog trainer. She does it part-time for a living and trained her own two dogs to obey commands, and even do a couple of tricks. Here, they were waiting for "orders"!

Joanne's friends, Linda and Michael, share the table with Romi.
Thanks Val & Dan for a delightful dinner, and to Linda and Michael, for the ride to Etobicoke and back! (for once, I didn't get lost!!) And Joanne? See you tomorrow for another hospital visit!

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