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Crazy day

August 19/11.

When it comes to holidays like this one at Fern, the only problem is, I tend to get emotional. (to which, I can clearly hear some of my friends & relatives saying something like, "No kidding Lain." Or, "Duh." I mean, I'm like that every day anyway, but toss in sunshine, beauty, nature, time to reflect and contemplate, John's manuscript, thinking about the past, about Mum and saying goodbye to friends, and I'm pretty much a goner. Goodbyes are my worst thing. (ask anybody)
Hence, my new graphic t-shirt! Hee hee.

Went to town - Orillia Square, and naturally, HAD to have this to counteract any tears. Yep. Me and horror movies. Love zombies. Always have. Always will.

The day began with Crazy D calling the morning Bingo game, with his usual Jamaican flare, - "The COOLEST LINE - I 29!!!" (the night before this, Crazy D took to the stage at the staff lip synch show and wowed EVERYONE as USHER)!! - D, you were outstanding!!!

For my pal, Pam, it was her final game, as she was leaving two days earlier than usual instead of staying till Sunday.

Her son, George, was playing too, before having to pack up and leave.

And Pam's Mum, Lenore - (engrossed in her Bingo cards) and Pam's fab bro, Rod, also had time for one last game at the pool.

But sadly, then I had to say so long to Pam and her family. They have become good friends. This time with Pam was particularly intense and unique for me, since the past year has been such a tough, trying and challenging one. Pam allowed me to share a lot of these experiences with her and also told me lots of her own amazing stories. I had SUCH a blast with her, especially all the laughs! There were moments, poolside with her, that I was practically convulsed with hysterical fits of laughter! She is very funny, lemme tell ya, but I will confess to being a very good audience!! If this past year has taught me ANYTHING, it is that laughter IS the best medicine. Without it? I would have been, "DOOMED AS DOOM CAN BE!!" (thank you Ed Grimley!!)

After crying over goodbyes to Pam, Lenore, Rod & George (who all gave me big hugs), we went to Orillia to shop!

My incredible husband, Sam, took this pic of me outside the Orillia Opera House where we have seen many shows over the years.

Wandering downtown Orillia with my fantastic son, Max! He makes life such a joy for me. Both my kids do that, with their humour, wit, musical gifts and zest for life. (Where did I go right)?? - Line stolen from Mel Brooks' The Producers!!

For many years, I bought ALL my Mum's birthday presents here in Orillia and would bring them home for her special day on August 27th. Little did I know it would be her last birthday in 2010. So, here I am, wandering the streets, looking at all the shops where I bought her prezzies, and of course, broke down crying when I hit the bird/nature store where I have spent SO much money and time, getting things for Mum, the lifelong bird lover. I just stood there and sobbed. Somebody stop me!! LOL. I wanted to take my cell phone and call her. But I can't. I can't. I can't.

Instead, I went to another store and bought some prezzies for my wonderful Auntie Ray (Mum's sister), who is now 91! At least I can still buy things for HER. Then, when I drop the gifts off at her condo, we can sit and talk about Mum, what a great person she was, how much we loved her and miss her every single day.

Back at the resort, I pulled myself together to go for dinner with the fam. The food here is unbelievable!!!

After dinner, took my friend, John Axelson's manuscript out with me to the pool patio, to read more of it and watch the sunset. Just a gorgeous evening.

It is SO unbelievable to me that I have reconnected with my old Seneca College pal after 36 years with no contact. He now lives in Nelson, B.C. and has written this astounding, engrossing book called Stalking The Average Man.

(not sure why he calls it that, since there is NOTHING average about John and there never was!!)

I sat there and read, highlighting parts I want to remember or don't understand, (so I can ask him questions later), and just had a wonderful time reading.

I stayed until it got dark and I was asked to vacate the premises!
When I got back, there was a surprise waiting for me on the laptop!

This is John - a photo taken in Victoria a day or two ago. John's significant other, Geri (whom I have never met), spent a long time talking to me in a Facebook pop-up chat. We got to know each other and she even said she thinks we are alike in some ways. I am so happy John has her in his life. She has now agreed to be FB friends with me and allowed me to have this phenomenal photo (which she took), and after clearing things with John, he said I could use it on the blog!!! Thanks to both of you.

So, the very emotional day was counteracted by the happiness of reconnecting with an old friend, and also by my family, whom I love so very much. Here is my beautiful daughter, Kate, wearing some of her acquisitions from Orillia.

After talking with Geri, I also spent some time looking at my sister, Carrie's Facebook video of her canoe trip (last week) with her boyfriend, Paul Nodwell. It is absolutely stunning and is set to the Kenny Loggins version of Rainbow Connection (one of my all-time favourite songs), which -yep, made me cry. (you already KNEW that, right??) Just kept wishing Mum could see the video and how much she would have loved it. People tell me the first year after losing a parent is the toughest. I am guessing they are correct.

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