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August 18/11

Never a dull moment at Fern. (Can vouch for that).

Crazy D teaches more poolside Jamaican dance moves. This time?
"Skip to my Lou!" He is a lot of fun to watch. - Could never hope to dance the way he does!!!

Ever since I was a kid, I've loved chipmunks - (especially ALVIN!) - While out shooting pics, this one suddenly ran right over my bare foot and up on to the tree! Scared me!

At the animal show, young Noah was asked to show off the Honduran milk snake to the audience. Yikes! Brave kid.

Noah returns the snake to the stage.

Crazy D inflated two air mattresses for the pool jousting match!

Fern's host-with-the-most, Mark Downing serves drinks at the alumnae party along with "Martini master", Kyle. (from "cocktail class")

My pal Pam & I enjoy the lakeside soiree!

Pam, her Mum, Lenore and Pam's bro, Rod at the blast-of-a-bash.

Lou Drew, the popular poolside bartender, has been working at Fern for nearly 29 years and knows everyone's faves, from Chocolate Monkeys to Cosmopolitans.

Our cabin neighbour, Jim, goes fishing before showtime, at sunset. (mood shot only - he is incognito! - Well, that is my excuse for my lousy photography skills!)

Activities Director, Mike Stewart, M.C.s the fabulous staff lip synch show, as always, and performs several numbers, including the Ray Stevens song, "The Streak!" - Though Mike didn't do Day-O, he was fabulous in ALL his work. He CANNOT be topped when it comes to precision lip synch presentation! Serious perfection.

"Suave Steve" (as he has been dubbed by my kids), streaks in!! Max & I couldn't stop laughing to see our former diningroom server in this different light! Great job Steve!

More of The Streak!

The very popular Trevor performs as Michael Buble!

All in all, a perfect day at Fern. They know how to make it happen here!

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