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July 8/11.

My whole life, Friday has always been my favourite day of the week. (I
date it back to my obsession with the old "Friday Night Fright Night"
horror flicks, featuring my fave Accuweatherman Tom Jolls on WKBW TV (Buffalo) when I was 11, as the starting point for my never-ending love affair with Fridays!)

Even if it's a sad or bad day, there's just something about the word FRIDAY. (Right Mike Bullard? I'll be listening after the NEWSTALK 1010 noon news today to hear you yell it. - Make it REALLY loud, OK!?)

**Newsflash!! - 12:15 p.m. - Mike not only did it really loud, but he did it THREE times! (You reading the blog and taking requests now Mike?) Thanks!

Today is a particularly good one. Carrie & I survived closing down the Hidey Hole yesterday/saying goodbye to Glengarry, all of the hard work, stress and emotion. Together, we did it. Pulled it off!

Also survived lugging the last remnants of Mum's house back to MY place.

Quite a mess of stuff! Got most of it put away, but still trying to make room for the rest! And tons of junk is packed away into the garage! Carrie and I are making a summer project out of sorting through it all.

Received a call from our lawyer this morning, saying any of the glitches we heard about yesterday regarding the house, seem to be OK now. Looks like the final paperwork will be filed today, all should be well and the deal finally closed. Another reason it's a good Friday!

And to top this special Friday off, also got word early this morning from Princess Margaret Hospital that my first radiation treatment will happen on Tuesday July 12th at 5:20 p.m. I find it incredible that the treatments were miraculously held off until right after we finished work at Mum's place! Perfect timing. Can't quite imagine the thought of running from radiation to the Hidey Hole for work. Too much stress!

But now, the house is done and I can devote my time to going to the hospital every day for the next three weeks or so and getting well for good. I will need 16 treatments - one every day except weekends.

Will receive my weekly schedule of appointments on Tuesday. I've asked for afternoon treatments (between 2 & 3) and have been told I'll get those most of the time. (I'm not great at rushing around in the morning)!

Haven't even read the brochures about radiation and what to expect. I already know it involves fatigue and burning, so do I really need to hear more? Did I ever mention that I don't LIKE fatigue? OR burning?

But I DO like LIVING, so, see you Tuesday at 5:20!! It's a date. (shall I bring the champagne and the baby doll pjs? - Might as well spice it up a bit for myself - and for the blog readers, right gang??)

With the Hidey House experience in the past, I'm embarking on a whole new chapter. Hot new adventure, sizzling new drama. (radiation joke)
Bring it on!!

Have a great Friday!

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