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July 7/11.

OK, somebody just pick me up off the floor. The hidey hole is no more!
Today, at long last, Carrie and I completed the months-long cleanout. A miracle! (or just hard work, not sure). Somehow, the situation reminded me of a couple of lines from the Norman Jewison movie Moonstruck.

Loretta: (Cher)
Hollow me out so there's
nothing left but the skin over my
bones. Suck me dry!

Ronny: (Nicolas Cage)
Alright. Alright. There will be

(and there isn't).

(Well, according to the agreement, we DID leave the gorgeous window coverings for the sliding doors - bought for Mum by Auntie Ray, the decorator, - plus a tiny throw rug on top of the wall-to-wall carpet. Hope the new owner, Dang, approves!)

My daughter, Kate and "Serenity Sis" Carrie in the empty garage. We only left a few tools on the wall. (oh no...NOW I feel a line from The Grinch coming my way! - "On their walls he left nothing but hooks, and some wire!"

After paying TWO moving companies, (for the piano and for the shelving units), we decided NOT to hire a mover for the final two pieces of furniture which needed to be taken from Mum's place to Carrie's garage, 3 or 4 blocks away. So, Carrie's son Lee, and Kate's boyfriend Damian, (who had never met before!) agreed to drag the furniture on a dolly, down the street and into the garage. (Carrie took a well-deserved break! - Hee hee!)

Back row: Lee, Kate & Damian. Carrie (in front) hitching a lift!
Cute pic gang!

"Ease on down, ease on down the road"! - (The Wiz)

Kate agreed to be our resident photographer/videographer today. She has a great eye! (and is also a real beauty!)

Both Carrie & I stopped a few times throughout the final pack-up to calm down, reflect and think about Mum. What a wild ride it's been.

Mum's empty bedroom.

And empty den.

Damian & Kate in the livingroom. (Nowhere to sit but the floor). No air-conditioning either, but thank goodness for the electric fan (which I've inherited to cool down one of the kid's rooms on these long, hot summer nights).

We had some private moments inside the house before finally taking off and locking the door for the last time.

With all the heavy emotion, Carrie was hesitant to pose for "that final shot" - but Kate (expert at chronicling real life), grabbed the camera and just DID it, Kleenex and all. (sorry Cayr). This was our last second at the front door.

Just a little earlier, we conducted a "video tour" of the house. (mostly for ourselves, as a record of the place). But I wanted to use the last part of the video here on the blog. (first time we've posted personal footage). Carrie & I have both done lots of work on camera, but after considerable crying today, this was tough. I could barely string two words together. But Carrie, (my idol), is ever-the-pro! - Take it!

Goodbye Hidey Hole! It's been a blast working with you. ("Work with me baby!)

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