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June 9/11

The "Intensity Entity" - (who, as you may know, lives within me ALL the time now), was on HIGHEST alert today! - Almost over the edge. Would you calm DOWN please?

Strange. No matter HOW much I stoke the fire, it demands MORE! (I'm TRYING entity. Gimme a break here!) Feeding you as many HIGH highs as I can dredge up, so go off and REVEL in them, OK? - Let me just review these highs and lows.

Met with "Serenity Sis," Carrie, in the infamous "hidey hole" - up at Mum's place to do more work, clearing the house for sale. We had a riot, as usual, laughing (both of us), crying (mostly me) and just sharing this whole wild ride.

Carrie in Mum's gorgeous backyard. We hate the thought of saying goodbye to the place.

Sitting on Mum's favourite bench on her back deck. I know we're smiling, but somehow, all I see is the sadness in our eyes. (CLICK on pic to enlarge, and maybe YOU will see it too!)

Life is a HUGE mega-drama these days. HAVE to quote Carrie, - (again), who is my shining star, guardian angel, best friend, confidante, partner-in-crime, soundboard, "wing man" - you name it. We've both been SO crazed lately with everything going on, she said to me (in a middle-of-the-night message):

"We're on yet ANOTHER adventure. Swear to God, there are people in this world who go to work, then come home, put their feet up, eat, drink, and are in bed by 10.
Definitely got the interesting lives happening here!
Never a dull...........millisecond".

I responded:

Can't even TELL you how much this message made me laugh!
Yes. I suppose there ARE people in this world who go to work, come home, put their feet up, eat, drink and are in bed by 10. (Never HEARD of this in MYYYYYYYY lifetime, but I guess, it's in the realm of HUMAN POSSIBILITY that these people exist! Just not in OUR world!)
As you say, not even for a millisecond! - SORRY!!
But would you have it any other WAY?
(hmmmmmmmmm, likely you would, if ever given the opportunity!)
Maybe in a year, - or 20!
I'm off now to finish a blog entry - (2:30 a.m.)

P.S. - Just so you know, "I CRAVE a Dull Moment!" is the name of my book - (if ever I write one!)

Meanwhile, back inside the "hidey hole", one of our jobs today was to sort through Carrie's massive collection of miniatures (stored in Mum's basement since 1999!) For once, I was involved in something I do very WELL...reminiscing about the old days and the memories of each and every weird little trinket we came across. (they included teeny glass families of seals! (cue seal voices, - "awww! awww!") - boxes of the tiniest little pianos you've ever seen, and a Dave Letterman style microphone which she'd been searching EVERYWHERE for, because her son, Lee, is doing a school project on Dave and needed the mic for his presentation. - WINNING!! (Now he can present a Top 10 list in Letterman style!)

To quote Dave, "Just treMENDOUS!!" (LOVE when you say that Dave!)

"ALRIGHT LEE! Now you have a microphone almost like MINE! - Make me look GOOD kid!"

So, the waiting game is on. Will let you know what happens next. For today, it was fun hanging out in the "safety net" of Mum's place. (Now if only "Intensity Entity" would go lie down for a while so I can get some rest!)

OK. Just ONE more thing. - Take a deep breath, especially if you're an animal lover.

I think CARRIE should be writing a blog too! Her stories are far more entertaining than mine!

Case in point.

While we were wandering out in Mum's backyard, Carrie showed me "Teddy's grave." I'd almost forgotten about it. Teddy was a sweet little guinea pig, the much-loved pet, who belonged to her son, Lee. They had him for just nine months.

When Teddy died, he was buried back there, under a statue - (which has now lost its head). I asked Carrie if she could write some kind of memory about the life - and death, of Teddy - for me. For the blog. She immediately "accepted the mission", (thank you Jim!) - and I'm posting it. Read it and weep.
(well, I sure did).

Site of Teddy's grave. - Carrie wrote the epitaph; - "Sending you the poor beheaded statue - (with little Teddy buried beneath). All I could think of was, 'Alas poor Yorick I knew him well'. Mum would laugh.

So, - here is Carrie's very sweet, heartfelt and personal story.


My son wanted a pet. He knew we couldn't get a dog (due to our small apartment) or a cat (due to my allergies). So, we were thinking about a small rodent thingy. One day, I overheard some women from my choir chatting. One of them happened to say, "Do you know of anyone that might want an old guinea pig?" I butted into the conversation, barely believing what I was saying. "Yes, I do. I want an old guinea pig".

She explained that they were getting a dog, and didn't think the dog and guinea would be a good combo. So, the day was set, and we brought "Teddy" to our home - with cage, and water bottle, and toys, and food. We knew we'd only have him a short time, because he was definitely old.

Click to enlarge for a closer look at "Teddy"!

That little, actually kind of tubby, guinea pig, got so much love and attention. When we first woke up each day, he would squeak SO loudly, Lee and I would laugh. And he would keep this up until he got a carrot. Every day before school, Lee held him lovingly on his lap. In the mornings, when I was home alone, Teddy was allowed to roam free in the kitchen while I cleaned and cooked and read my paper. He liked to chew on the newspaper. We fed him bits of green beans, lettuce, and lots of hay. I think we showed him a good time in his senior years.

It was Lee's birthday weekend when we realized that Teddy was sick. He wouldn't eat or drink. I told Lee we'd go to the vet in the morning. After Lee went to bed, I held Teddy in my arms around midnight, and I knew he really wasn't well. I put Teddy in his cage, and I went to sleep. At 7 a.m. the next morning, I ran out to check on him, and he was lying lifeless on his side. I dropped to my knees and cried. It was sad enough that he was gone, but for me, even worse that I had to wake up my little boy and tell him the news. It really was one of the hardest days in my motherhood experience. I woke Lee up and told him there was sad news about Teddy. He ran out, and saw him. He burst into tears and I will always remember that he clutched at his heart as he cried out in pain.

I didn't send Lee to school. I told him we would grieve together. I phoned around to find out what one does with a pet that has passed on. There were rules, and fees, and procedures. So, I phoned Mum, Lee's Gramma. I told her about Teddy's passing, and asked if we could bury him in her backyard. Of course, Mum said yes. We put Teddy in a box, and took him to Gramma's beautiful garden.

To see us dig the hole must have been a sight. A senior, a 10 year old boy, and his Mum - (recovering from a broken arm). We took turns and soon had a very deep hole. We put Teddy in, along with a blankie and some carrots. Mum suggested we should say the 23rd Psalm. So, we began "The Lord is my Shepherd............" I could only recite a line or two, but Mum knew the whole thing. To my huge surprise, Lee knew it too. All those years, he had to come with me to church because of my choir job. (I guess he learned more in Sunday school than I knew!) So, my Mum and my son recited the great poem together. We told our guinea pig memories, and then slowly filled in the hole. We sang a little too. We cried and laughed in Mum's beautiful garden that day.

Lee and I will never forget the only pet Lee has ever had. And how Gramma, the gardener with a very big heart, helped us through a very difficult day.
Just another reason why Mum's garden is so special.


Someone new will LOVE this property, (we hope!) - very soon!

I felt like Juliet up on Mum's balcony! Sigh. Such a beautiful spot

Someone REALLY special has to take over this place! Talking to the gang upstairs - Calling the "hotline to heaven!" - Gram! - Bring it!

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