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Getting away

June 5/11

Mind travel.
Can't think about cancer ALL the time. Not fun.

I'm about a million other things bigger than cancer. Real things.
Things that enter the soul, wreak havoc on your brain, mess with your mind and shake it all up. Just a couple of days ago I was writing about the end of one person's life. The next day, celebrating new beginnings at a young girl's Bat Mitzvah, and anytime now, my cousin, Sacha, will give birth to her first baby and we'll welcome a new little one into our family. Big things.

I was thinking about one of my favourite movies - Woody Allen's Manhattan. The scene I love most is near the end, when Woody is lying on his couch, talking into a tape recorder about what makes life worth living - for HIM.

Woody says:

Why is life worth living? It’s a very good question. Um… Well, There are certain things I guess that make it worthwhile. uh… Like what… okay… um… For me, uh… ooh… I would say… what, Groucho Marx, to name one thing…

(I ABSOLUTELY agree on Groucho!)

uh… um… and Willie Mays… and um… the 2nd movement of the Jupiter Symphony… and um… Louis Armstrong, recording of Potato Head Blues…

um… Swedish movies, naturally… Sentimental Education by Flaubert… uh… Marlon Brando,

Frank Sinatra…

um… those incredible Apples and Pears by Cezanne… uh… the crabs at Sam Wo’s… uh… Tracy’s face…

You can see the scene at the beginning of this clip.

Such a beautiful, romantic film. Adore Tracy's last line, "You have to have a little bit of faith in people."

I imagine EVERYONE has their favourite things, movies, places or people to think about to survive in this wild world. I know there are certain people I have to, want to - LOVE to, think about every day, just to hang on and make it through.

Cancer is daring, bold, out there and in your face, so you've gotta find ways to "one-up" it and stare it down. Anyone hit by it didn't expect to be grabbed up and dropped, landing in a scary spot you don't recognize. You want to get back to familiar territory, - to safety.

That's where the mind comes into play. Where can I put myself today that I DO recognize? Places that, (as Woody might say), make life worthwhile.

How about back at Fern Resort on Lake Couchiching? That's a safe haven.

Or on my favourite beach, having a Marguerita in Mexico, where the sun shines all the time, (and the "back-lighting" is always perfect!)

Cheers everyone! - Love you!

Or maybe, at Hugh's Room to see Marc Jordan! (That one I don't even HAVE to imagine, cuz it's happening! - Tonight!) Marc and his music will take me away to a different and safer place. Bring it on Marc!

"Will do Lain! - See you tonight. - Hang in there!"

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