Lain's Log

Welcome to The Twilight Zone

June 6/11

Read this, with Rod Serling's voice in your head. OK?

"Picture if you will, a woman, patiently waiting at the door for someone to arrive. Someone unexpected. Someone unknown. She appears calm, cool, collected. But underneath that prettied-up facade is a powder keg awaiting spontaneous combustion. The signpost is up ahead. Welcome tonight to a portrait of a woman in turmoil who is about to enter The Twilight Zone."

I always loved the way Rod Serling wrote. And my whole life has a Twilight Zoney-feel to it lately.

Big things are happening tonight. The suspense is killing me. More to come!

And now for the update! (one day later). The unexpected, unknown person we're awaiting, is the certain someone who may or may not purchase our Mum's house, which is now on the market. Selling a house can certainly be stressful, (especially - in - The Twilight Zone!!) - Cue the music!

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