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June 8/11

After my big news, (see entry before this), I said I wanted to go out and, "Do something exciting!" Thought about sky-diving, space-walking, sin-seeking, skinny-dipping, - but in the end, opted for visiting a friend, followed by grocery shopping. (No Frills, you owe me, BIG-time!)

Had a small trinket/gift to drop off to my friend, Mary (sister of my
bro-in-law, Garth). She lives five minutes away from our place, in Cabbagetown, so drove over, rang her door bell, got attacked by her two crazed dogs, (barking their heads off), got a big hug, (from Mary, not the dogs), gave her the little gift and asked her to check the always-at-the-ready-on-the-counter-computer, to read the latest update on the blog. We looked at it together online - (& I held my breath, waiting to see her reaction!) Once she spotted the words, "NO CHEMO!" - she let out a yell and gave me another big hug! (Mosbaugh family members always instinctively know EXACTLY the right way to respond! - Watch & learn!)

Mary has sadly lost SO many special people in the last year, - her Mum, her Aunt, her significant other, the incredible Jim Reed, (ex-CBC and CTV/W5 reporter/anchor), and not long before that, her husband, our beloved Patrick Spence-Thomas - (soundman extraordinaire and all around AMAZING man). She couldn't have been more thrilled about MY news if she'd been my own sister. (right Carrie?)

We "celebrated" by attempting to take a "self-timer" photo together in her beautiful Wysteria-laden backyard, - (camera perched on her barbeque!) Turned out pretty zany. (so, naturally, PERFECT for my blog!)

I know I COULD have cropped the pic, but decided it's way funnier THIS way. (Peekaboo!) Mary liked the idea of hiding behind, um, well, - whatever that thing is! Her yard is so pretty and it was nice to see it in person (instead of just eyeing shots on Facebook!)

(Almost as much wysteria as in "Wysteria Lane" on Desperate Housewives!)

In Mary's garden paradise!

After leaving Mary's, high-tailed it over to the REAL location of ALL my fabulous fantasies. (I KNOW you know what I mean. Speak it slow, soft and sexy in my ear....."NOOOOOOOOOO FRILLLLLLLLLLLLLLS.") Just can't take it. - So hot!

Gave up on the skinny-dipping-dream-drama, got to the checkered checkout counter, spun around, spotted a sweet, unsuspecting young man and couldn't seem to stop myself from asking if he might consider taking a picture for my blog. This very nice, about-to-be-photographer, Aaron, kindly agreed to snap a shot with my Fresca. (wondered what he thought he was getting INTO here!) But WHATEVER he thought, he rolled with it and did it anyway! (Aaron, you're the COOLEST!!)

I actually think Aaron did a GREAT job with the shot, somehow managing to capture my wonderful checkout clerk (who was feelin', "This woman is INSANE"), PLUS all the big sale signs in the background! - WINNING! Thanks Aaron! After that, we chatted, I told him about the blog, the "no-chemo event" and probably WAY TMI - "too much information"!

But then Aaron let me know about his Mum, who has just come through a 10-month ordeal with cancer and chemo, so he completely understood me "jumping for joy" over NOT having to endure chemo-therapy. (perhaps we hit the checkout counter together for a reason).

Before saying goodbye, I thanked Aaron for his fabulous photography, gave him the blog address (so he can "check his credit"!), and asked him to please pass along my very best wishes to his Mum. Just talking to him, I realized how lucky I am to have avoided the chemo part of this ordeal.
(Somebody up there likes me).

Oh, and Aaron also asked me WHY I was at No Frills instead of drinking champagne at home? - Told him, "Going home right now to crack open the Henkell!" Cheers!

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At June 9, 2011 at 12:02 p.m. , Blogger Keithera said...

Look at you Elaine - - living big!
You are too funny.
I never have the guts to ask someone to take a pic. I probably would have ended up trying to take my own pic - like in people's FB pics!

I bet that cashier has seen crazier stuff than that, though.

At June 9, 2011 at 12:03 p.m. , Blogger Keithera said...

Also, your friend's garden is beautiful.

At June 9, 2011 at 8:00 p.m. , Anonymous Elaine Loring said...

Thanks Keithera!
So great to hear from you! Hope all is well with you. What are you up to? you can email me at if ever you like!
As for living big - you are correct. This whole cancer thing has me living in a way I NEVER thought I'd be, (as you see, if you read this blog regularly!) - really OUT there! Funny, eh? But it's never boring. Yes, Mary's yard is lovely. Wait till you see the NEXT pics I'm putting up - from our late Mum's backyard, as we are now, finally, selling the house.
Take care of yourself!


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