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Pain and Groucho!

June 8/11

Got a couple of things to talk about. Nothing related. Just a veritable cornucopia of crap!

Hard to believe, but today marks six weeks since my surgery! (as usual, times flies when you're having fun). I've avoided talking about pain - much preferring to take my mind off things by writing weird and wacky stuff on the blog. But since I said from the beginning I'd tell it like it is, guess it's time for an "update", so I'll mention the pain issue today.

Haven't taken any painkillers for weeks, but that doesn't mean the pain is gone. This surgery thing ain't easy. Strangely, the actual breast surgery isn't really the problem. Things are coming along there, slowly but surely - (and don't call me Shirley). But the removal of the Sentinel lymph node, ai yi yi. I've known other women who had over a dozen nodes removed, but here I only had one, and it still hurts like hell! In order to remove it through a small incision under the arm, the docs have to cut and/or generally mess with the nerves.

The back of my right arm from below the shoulder to the elbow is still completely numb, and there's plenty of pain (shooting, aching, jolting), upon movement or exercise all down the arm to wrist. Amazing how removing that one little node could create so much trouble. (but as you know, Trouble is my middle name). Whatever. I'm trying to get used to it. Will get the chance to talk it all over with the medical oncologist (the guy I now call The Nutty Professor), when, at long last, I meet with him June 14th to find out the results to that $5,000 test - the one that will tell me whether I need to undergo chemo. Can't wait! (not)

OK - so that's done! Now, I'm going to talk about what I REALLY want to talk about. Groucho Marx!

Since mentioning Groucho in the Woody Allen-"What-makes-life-worth-living" entry the other day, I've been thinking about him. I've thought about Groucho - and ALL the Marx brothers for as long as I can remember. Always adored them, but Groucho was my fave. Why? Well, just LOOK at the guy! He's fantastic!

As a giant fan of physical comedy, The Marx Brothers always have me laughing from their first moment on screen till the last frame. Groucho had a flair for everything!

Besides his stunningly quick wit, total irreverence, lack of inhibition, crazy ability to dance ANYWHERE, not giving a damn what anybody thinks, those amazing eyebrows, and an apparent healthy, vibrant libido, - I KNOW my favourite thing about Groucho was his total, unabashed love for and appreciation of ALL women! The man could flirt up a storm, and in the process, make any woman feel alive!

Even stuffy Margaret Dumont fell victim to his charms! I love it in Duck Soup (1933), when Rufus T. Firefly (Groucho) tries to seduce her (in the middle of a comedy scene), stating to her outright - "Can't you see what I'm trying to tell you? I LOVE you!" (and she looks so shocked).

Here's the scene. I mean come ON! This is hilarious!

Harpo loved women too, but he usually just chased them all over the place. I much prefer Groucho's brain power, articulate way with words and "subtle" approach, (ha ha). He knows how to turn it on full blast and mess with your mind! (sure wish I could have MET him!)

I mentioned once before that my high school friend, Jeffrey Morgan, ran for student council president (1973), on a Groucho Marx platform and won! (I KNEW there was a reason I liked Jeffrey!) Anyone who loves Groucho is in with me!

Jeffrey once told me that his rock hero, Alice Cooper (also a Groucho fan), actually got the chance to meet and hang out with him once! There's even a picture to PROVE it!

The mind boggles at the concept of this combo!

I will leave you with one of my favourite Groucho scenes from Monkey Business (1931). From 1:35 to the end of the scene, just love it. The captivated lady in question is Thelma Todd ("The Blonde Venus") I especially love the tango - right up onto the bed! Oh, for a man who would actually DO this!

Oh, Groucho, you will live on forever!

Now I think I have to go and watch a Marx Brothers movie. See ya later!

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