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Marc Jordan!!

June 6/11.

If you've seen the blog entries the last day or so, you'll recall the "entity" apparently living within me, - (you know, the crazed one with a desperate desire for intensity?) - Well, tonight scored BIG time! I mean, OFF the "Intensity Chart"!! - First time EVER to enter Hugh's Room TWICE in a month! (for The Nylons, May 6th - and Marc Jordan, June 5th). I am one lucky lady.

It was the long-awaited evening to watch our own Canadian singer/songwriter Marc, in a rare live performance with his phenomenal band, - Jamie Oakes (guitar), George Koller (bass) and Mark Lalama (known for his work as Canadian Idol music director, and for his great hat!), on piano. We were six feet from the stage and it was FANTASTIC!

Marc Jordan with out-of-this-world guitarist Jamie Oakes! (gold Tibetan bell in front)

My husband, Sam, (world's biggest Marc Jordan fan), bought tickets weeks ago as a belated birthday gift to himself, to attend the show - at a front row table, with our daughter, Kate, her boyfriend, Damian, our son, Max, and his girlfriend, Robyn. What a blast.

Love this shot! Left to right, Kate, boyfriend Damian, Max, girlfriend Robyn and me! (Sam took the pic)

To quote the lyrics from Marc's song, Rhythm of My Heart (made famous by Rod Stewart), "I've got lightning in my veins!" - (or at least, that's how it FELT!)

I found it interesting that Marc brought with him a Tibetan bell, (which he rang from time to time on stage). Marc told us the bell was there, "to help calm and protect." Later checked out Tibetan bells online, only to discover, the vibration and harmonizing sound these prayer bells create, actually bring a sense of well-being and "centering" to your body and soul. (sounds pretty good to me, in my current state!)

Also learned, these bells are made specifically to vibrate in a way to produce a tone that in meditation terms, will center the body and assist in entering a deep calm and relaxed state - perfect for meditation. (no WONDER I had such a great night! - although I was feeling FAR from calm!)

The first incredible set, included Patsy Cline's Crazy - which I can relate to! - (written by Willie Nelson), and Marc's own original - Geronimo's Fire (from his new Crucifix in Dreamland CD).

Marc explained the story of having seen street people in L.A., burning material in old oil drums with folks huddled around for heat. A guy yelled out dramatically, "THIS is GERONIMO'S FIRE!!" (Marc claims he didn't have a CLUE what the man meant, but never forgot the passion of his statement and wrote a song based on it).

By the end of set one, I felt energized, but ready to pass out when I ran into Marc while he circulated the room, talking to fans. I've interviewed Marc a number of times over the years, but after seeing his deeply emotional show, (at this stage of my life), it was tough to get up my nerve to approach him and ask to take a photo with him for the blog. (Well, OK, actually, SAM asked him FOR me. I felt so shaky!) - Thank God I had my arm around him to keep me from collapsing!

Please don't let me pass out Marc! - (I thought it was cool that our colours kinda matched!)

Second set. Marc has such a laid-back, quiet sense of humour. I don't even think he KNOWS how funny he is. Here are some of the lines he hit us with.

"These glasses make my ass look big don't they? - Be perfectly honest!"

"My songs make no sense." (that line appeals to me!)

"I'm starting to loosen up and admit to you that I have no fucking idea what's going on. Stalling for time here!"

"People think I'm Margaret Atwood! My friend, Murray McLauchlan took a picture of me with her at a party and sent it to me, telling me we were separated at birth! I've signed a lot of autographs for her!"

"I got into the music business to get laid". (35 years ago) - "And I'm not leaving till I do!"

"Occasionally, I do get recognized - in airports, massage parlours, hospitals, where I hang."

"I feel like I should be kissing someone." (said after a particularly passionate song).

And finally, when asking the audience to join in a "Name the band" contest, he suggested, "Personally, I think we should be called - (rimshot please), - The Knobs! We're like, GEAR!"

Marc wrote the ever-popular songs, Marina Del Rey, Survival and countless hits for other artists, but one that stands out on the "intensity meter" for me is Rockets.

The lyrics include:

I see rockets
Everytime I see your face.

There's nothing left but the rain,
My heart is aching and I can't say goodbye.
I think that the mood is ending,
I think that the messages we're sending,
are going down in flames.

I see rockets, I see rockets,
I see rockets,
Everytime I see your face.

Girls down here they'll do you right,
They'll steal your money,
But they'll hold you OH-SO-TIGHT.
And break your heart every Saturday night
Where the fates collide,
And all the sadness goes to die.

Going down in flames,
Going down in flames,
Everytime I see your face,
I see rockets.

Before leaving Hugh's Room, I saw Marc's beautiful wife, singer Amy Sky, waved to her and then told Marc I've been writing a blog and he'll be "the star" today. He responded with a smile, shouting out from the autograph table, "Well, BLOG ON!"

I will Marc! And back at you - SING ON! Thanks for giving me so much intense material - (for my "entity"!) You know how to do it!

What a night! (Whew!) - And thanks Sam, for making it all happen.
Happy Birthday sweetheart!

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