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Photo day!

June 27/11

Carrie & I spent much of the afternoon dealing with something we've been putting off for weeks. Photographs. Mum had thousands of them. Many weeks ago, we ended up stuffing all the pictures, albums and tons of letters into a basement closet, but finally had to drag them OUT OF THE CLOSET in an attempt to widdle them down a bit.

The albums in the above photo, feature shots of Carrie & Garth's wedding - 30 years ago. Carrie sure was a stunning bride. You can see Carrie's pic in my left hand. Next to my right hand, (top pic), is Mum, being escorted down the aisle by Franc (brother of Garth). So many memories of that day. Carrie & I sat and looked thru countless albums, deciding what to do with all the photos. She came up with the idea of removing pics from the albums, since she already has copies of most of them. Then I could select the shots I want to keep, and the EMPTY albums can be thrown into the upcoming garage sale or donated to Goodwill. That way, we don't have to find places to stash heavy photo albums. There are SO many more pictures still to sift through over the coming days.

For some reason, my camera didn't take good shots of the sale items in Mum's house today. I am truly the worst photographer. Here's one of the den/spare bedroom, filled with oddities up for grabs. Looks like the sale will be on Canada Day! Not sure if that's a good idea as many people will be away. However, lots of others will be off work and might be looking for something to do!

We arranged to have a charitable agency come to collect some of Mum's old furniture soon. What we didn't know is, there's a pretty hefty cost attached to that service (even when you're DONATING items), however they issue tax receipts, which we can use next year. Looks like the pick-up will be July 4th - same day as my appointment at Princess Margaret Hospital with the radiation oncologist, and just 72 hours before the closing date! Never a dull moment, as usual.

Meanwhile, didn't get to post any pics from the weekend. My daughter, Kate and her friends are very involved in the PRIDE events. On Sunday, they attended the Stonewall TO march at Queen's Park and had a blast together.

Above is my beautiful Kate, who wrote on her Facebook page, - "Wearing a psychedelic neon dress + turquoise cummerbund + purple feather fascinator to STONEWALL TO! today, because I'm just that awesome." - Love it!

She and her pals ended up heavily sprayed with mega-glitter! (Later, they discovered it's practically impossible to remove)! - So, what the heck? Glitter on!

Cadence - covered in glitter! - Perfect, for her sparkling personality!

Great shot of awesome Arena, the divine Ms. Cadence and inimitable Emily!

Random colourful shots at Stonewall TO!

Kate's boyfriend, Damian, (also covered in glitter)! - Click pic to enlarge and see the "glitterishness"!

I really like Damian! Whatever Kate wants to do, he's into it! Good man!

Sparkle Arena, Sparkle!

Emily rules!!

Kate came home with a Stonewall shirt! (It cost 5 bucks). Good deal!

Coming up? Kate is looking forward to the Trans March on Friday, Dyke March (Saturday) and Pride Parade (Sunday)! - (Mayor Rob Ford, - you'd better get your act together and COME ON DOWN!!!!!!)

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