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June 25/11

A lot of my blog ideas hit while I've driving. Don't ask me why. The problem is, you can't really write them down when you're driving, (although, I've been known to pull over to do exactly that on numerous occasions, as I tend to forget if I don't jot it down immediately). Not this time. Didn't need to. There was no forgetting THIS idea.

I'd been shopping at No Frills. (where else?) Finished dragging all the packages, boxes & bags into the car. (that phrase made me think of The Grinch. LOVE the Grinch). Then, suddenly noticed SO many seagulls flying over the parking lot. The Gerrard/Carlaw No Frills location always has lots of seagulls, but this was ridiculous! I looked around, and no one was feeding them. So why were there so many? Of course, I always think of Mum when I see birds, as she loved them so. Sitting in my car, watching the birds, I suddenly channeled the Grinch. That funny memorable line came into my head.

"Then he got an idea. An awful idea. The Grinch got a wonderful, awful idea"! - (not that this was so awful, - just kinda funny).

Uh oh. She's got an idea!

It's percolating. LOOKOUT - Clear the decks!!

Thought I'd like to feed the seagulls some bread. - But I'm in the middle of a parking lot with all kinds of people who might possibly wonder what the heck I'm doing. Oh well! Got out two slices of bread from the loaf I bought. Ripped them into pieces and put them on top of the car. Got out the camera. Was standing there, waiting for fewer people to be around. Just as I was about to toss the bread, a car pulled up right beside me. A middle-aged man and his wife stepped out, glanced at me, spotted the bread on the car - and the camera. The man said to me, "You like seagulls?" I said, "Yes!" He responded, "So do I! My wife and I sometimes go into No Frills when they have a sale and buy four loaves of bread and then come out here to feed them." (what the hell? - Now I ask you, is this some kind of weird coincidence?? These people randomly pull up next to me, spot a bird lover in an instant and tell me they love feeding seagulls too?) The man told me he can sometimes throw bread up into the air and the birds will catch it! I said, "Can you SHOW me?" Without missing a beat, he grabs the bread and starts tossing! (my kinda man!) His wife was laughing, just watching the proceedings. - Introducing Erwin!

"Birdman Erwin" in action!

Couldn't QUITE nab a shot of a bird catching bread, but it was fun anyway! So my new friends are Erwin & Marie. We got into quite a discussion after I told them about the blog and the reason I'm writing it. Erwin explained that his brother is suffering from brain cancer and was told he didn't have long to live. He underwent radiation and started on a special diet - no sugar of any kind, pretty much macrobiotic, from what I could understand. He's in his 70's and still hanging in there. Erwin advised I should look into this kind of diet. I wished them both the very best and they wished me the same. Gave them the blog address so they can check out the seagull pics! Then asked Erwin to take a shot of me. (The crazy bird lady). - Hey Mum! You must be so proud! Hee hee!

Didn't go to the Hidey Hole today. Worked "from home".
There's enough stuff down in my basement to keep me going for weeks.

I have to make way for the piano we're inheriting from Mum's place, so, by myself, managed to drag a heavy wardrobe from out of Max's drum room to the back deck for the junk man to collect. Had to shimmy and shake (the wardrobe that is!) to ease it through the basement mess, but did it!

And there's plenty more where that came from!

Not exactly the most exciting day, but the highlight was tossing bread at No Frills. If you're reading this Erwin and Marie, thanks for the "lesson" and the laughs! Hope to see you again in the parking lot!

P.S. Erwin & Marie - if you want to reach me:


2:30 a.m. - P.P.S! - After posting this bird blog entry, was really surprised to receive a message in the middle of the night (thought I was the only one still awake!), from a "night owl" named Rachelle Desrosiers.
She told me she's been reading my blog and loves it (which means so much to me), and that this particular entry touched her heart as she loves seagulls! (did you hear that Erwin & Marie? We're not alone!)

Rachelle sent me a photo of herself, taken last summer at Woodbine Beach. She agrees with Erwin, that having a seagull grab the food from your hand is a blast! (although, Erwin prefers it when they catch it, mid-air).

Rachelle & her hungry bird buddy!

Anybody else care to comment or contribute? Would love to hear from you!

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