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Why today?

May 6/11

This is a day I've been particularly looking forward to for a long time, so why am I suddenly having such problems? Never a dull moment, as usual. Way back in early January, (before I knew I had cancer), my sister, Carrie, found out The Nylons are coming to town to perform in concert at Hugh's Room on May 6th. She suggested a bunch of us go for dinner and show. Her ex-husband, Garth, (who has remained a lifelong friend to her - and to ALL of us, and is father of their incredible son, Lee) in IN the group and we haven't had the chance to see him perform in a very long time, so Sam, Kate, Max and I said yes. An extravagant evening, but one we knew would be fun and very memorable. The response continued to grow and now, there are 12 of us going tonight, including several of Garth's family members, whom we adore.

Two months after Carrie came up with this idea, I got the diagnosis of cancer on March 9th, and booked a surgery date of April 27th, but still hoped to be able to attend, since the surgery would be over and I'd be recuperating.

So, why today, of all days, have some things taken a turn for the worse? The pain under the arm is as bad as it's ever been, and the numbness in right arm, from shoulder to elbow has become exceedingly insane, making it difficult to do things and causing me all kinds of strange sensations from jolts and jumps to nausea and all-over weakness. It's hard to track or predict this recovery, as things change moment by moment.

I've tried to rest most of the day to save my energy for tonight, but as of 3 p.m., not great. Am hoping a shower will help revive and make me feel a little better, as we need to leave by about 5:30 to get there.

The members of The Nylons are releasing a new CD in the summer, but advance copies will be available tonight and they'll be singing lots of the new numbers. (including the coolest-ever version of the theme song from Spiderman!) The Nylons website

Well, that's the latest. I am going to try to do what that Oprah guest I've often quoted had to say, which is to, "Walk THROUGH the pain." (or, in this case, all the above-mentioned weird, annoying and sickening symptoms).

After the shower/hair and makeup routine, maybe I can then also live by the words of Billy Crystal as his famous character, Fernanado, "Darling, it is better to LOOK good than to FEEL good!" Wish me luck! (and remember, - "YOU LOOK MAHVELLOUS!!"

Garth's brother, our amazing pal, Franc, told me they'd all get me to this show tonight if they have to CARRY me! I hope they won't need to and that I can walk in on my own two feet!

Cheers for now!

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