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A bit better

May 5/11

The pain this morning is finally marginally better than it's been (for the first time since the surgery 8 days ago). I don't mean exactly comfortable, but slightly lessened. I took a Percocet about 4 in the morning, to allow me to get a bit more rest without much pain. Hope to go lie down again for a while now. I seem to get a little more energy later in the day.

Actually going for a walk!

Last night, (after 6 p.m.), I went for an evening walk through Withrow Park, where I saw tons of people - jogging, playing games, kids in the play area, dogs running in the leash-free section, (one was particularly speedy and expert at chasing and catching frisbees!), and people just out, digging the day!

My goal was to get back to IGA (now Foodland) to pick out and pay for the rest of our order of groceries and have them delivered. (second time!) Their delivery service is excellent - very quick and efficient.
Then to the pharmacy to get something (for someone ELSE in the family for once - not for me!),

Then, walked home to meet the delivery guy at our front door. On the way home, ran into an old friend of mine, Ilana, who lives in the neighbourhood. It was nice to see a friendly face and have a chat - like normal people do! (but I haven't done much of for the past week). Also took a picture of a pretty front yard a couple of blocks from home. I like what they've done, using a bird bath as a "flower pot," giving a very colourful look at the front of their house.

Watched Idol on Wednesday night. Cheered for James. Seems to me Haley or Jacob might be in trouble tonight. But I really enjoyed ALL their performances.

Go James!

Talk later!

Thinking about the lovely ladies I met in the Princess Margaret teaching class. Some of them will have had their surgeries by now. Hope all will go well for them.

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