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May 3/11

Went to Dr. McCready's clinic at Princess Margaret this afternoon and was seen by Dr. Ted McAlister, who was part of "my team" during surgery on April 27th. The clinic nurse, Marilyn, was a bit surprised to see the amount of bruising I have, as was the Doc. He thinks I may have had a hematoma in the breast, which caused all the bruising. As for the incision with the non-stop throbbing pain (under the arm, where the nodes were removed for testing), he doesn't think it needs to be aspirated, but believes it just requires more time to heal.

He allowed me to have a repeat of the Percocet, but also told me I could try Advil and/or Extra Strength Tylenol for "breakthrough pain" when I don't want to take the stronger medication. Percocet works REALLY well for the pain, but tends to make you feel nauseous. The trade-off, is being relieved of the constant throbbing and burning for a couple of hours.

So, - back to working my way through this pain, a day at a time.

Did manage to make it out to vote last night, (although from the photo Sam took, I can see how tired I look). Had been out walking all over the neighbourhood for about 90 minutes before heading to cast a ballot.

At the polling station

Our Liberal man, in Toronto-Danforth, - Andrew Lang, lost big-time. Jack Layton beat him by about 20 thousand votes! Quite the election.

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