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A little too much pain

May 3/11

Happy birthday to my fantastic husband, Sam, today!!! He's been there to support me all the way through this eventful journey and I wish him a great day and a very happy and HEALTHY year ahead! I love you!

Meanwhile, I called the hospital nurse at 2:30 in the morning to leave a message, asking for an appointment. The pain under the arm, where the incision was made to remove the sentinel lymph nodes continues to be very bad. Six days after surgery, I fear this isn't how it should be feeling.

The nurse, Marilyn, called me back before 9 today to tell me my surgeon, Dr. McCready, has a clinic this afternoon at Princess Margaret. It's actually a skin sarcoma clinic, but she says if I come when it starts, at 1:30 p.m., I can get in to see him and have him check this out.
So, off I go to do the "bath routine", (as outlined in the previous crazy, convoluted entry!) Will try to speed it up a little this time (now that most of the bandaging is off, except for the steri-strips).

Kinda fearing an aspiration might need to be done, but we'll see. I'm going to take ONE Percocet to try and relieve some of the pain. Two will make me nauseous and I don't want to feel that way at the hospital. The nurse told me, even if they DO need to aspirate, "The underarm is very numb, so you won't feel it." I disagree, as the only numb part is ABOVE the incision. The part that might need aspirating is in agony! - So, we'll see what happens.

Meanwhile, I've received MORE amazing deliveries. My brother-in-law, Neil and his wife (whom I call my beautiful sister-in-law), Carolyn, sent a fantastic array of delicious fruit from Edible Arrangements and my other sister-in-law, Jan and her husband, Arlen, sent ANOTHER arrangement of yellow and purple flowers. Just stunning! How lucky can one person be, to get all this attention lavished upon them!

Fantastic fruit from Carolyn & Neil

STUNNING arrangements from Jan & Arlen

Will write again later with an "update".

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