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Mother's Day!

May 8/11

It's Mother's Day!

There are some Mums I want to give a special shout-out to today.

First - to my incredible Mum-in-law who has officially been my "other Mum" for nearly 28 years! I love you very much.

My wonderful Mum-in-law (Jean Bornstein) with me

To my sister, Carrie - and wonderful Mum to her son, (my nephew), Lee!

Best mother, best sister, best friend - Carrie! (Photo taken today!)

To all my sisters-in-law - Jan (Mum to Sean and Robin), Carolyn, (Mum to Jason, Jenny and Adam), and Debbie (Mum to Justin).

"Sittin' on the dock of the bay" - chillin' with Carolyn and Debbie

The lovely Jan - (also chillin'!)

To my cousin, Marilyn - (Mum to Sacha) - and soon to be a "GRAND-MUM" to a new baby in June!

My cousin, Marilyn with "her baby" in blue - Sacha!

To the great Auntie Ray (now my "surrogate Mum"), mother of my cousin, Kev!

Let's hear it for the incredible Auntie Ray!

May you ALL have a very happy day!

And of course, to my late Mum, where ever you are, I love you today and always!

My beautiful Mum

Oh, and what the heck - here's to me too! (a very rare good-hair-day below). I am Mum to Kate and Max, who by chance, just happen to be the best kids I've ever known!

With my kids, Kate and Max (photo taken today!)

The whole Bornstein gang - (taken at a resort a few years ago)

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