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Where are the drugs?

March 30/11

As the Cowardly Lion is my blog mascot, you may understand that my fear of pain is huge. I've endured two episiotomies in my life, (one, after the anaesthetic had worn off), and I'm telling you, - THAT pain is not something I've ever been able to forget and I certainly never want to feel again!

I can't seem to get a straight answer from anyone on the issue of pain following a lumpectomy and the removal of lymph nodes from under the arm. I only know I have a low threshold for pain and would like some kind of assurance that I'll be given the kind of pain relief I need when this surgery is over.

The nurse told me I'd get Tylenol #3 when I go home. She said this is enough for "most women". Well, what if I'm not "most women?" What if I need something more? If you've read this blog, you'll know my own GP couldn't understand my qualms when I expressed the fear of pain.

She asked, "Well, what would the pain be FROM?" - What the hell?? You're kidding, right? Ummmm....let me think now,...could it be - the INCISION?? I suppose there are people in this world who don't feel pain as much as others. But I have always known I'm not among that group.

I understand, doctors don't like prescribing narcotics. They're afraid of the trouble they'll get into I guess, and petrified of a patient becoming addicted. I'm certainly no drug addict, but I believe there IS a time for proper drugs, and it seems to me, breast surgery should be one of those times!

Is there anyone out there who can tell it like it is and help me figure out how to get the kind of meds I need, (without turning to the streets)?

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At April 11, 2011 at 10:26 p.m. , Blogger Sacha said...

Loving every word so far, Lainey -- thanks for sharing. I am also very scared of pain and have found that if you tell the Doc that Tylenol-3's make you nauseous (a very common side effect due to the codeine), they will give you something else. I would go for the Percocets -- they're divine... ;) Hope this helps! xoxo


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