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March 31/11

On Friday April 8th, I have an appointment at 7:30 in the evening for a breast MRI. I've never had an MRI before. I know it doesn't hurt, but I'm so apprehensive.

First of all, this procedure has to be done while lying on your stomach. Ever since giving birth to my two kids, I've had back problems (the result of back labour). Haven't been able to sleep or lie on my stomach for 18 years due to the severe pain this position causes. The only way I can do it, is to fold up several towels and put them under my stomach. Now, I have to find a way of explaining this to the technician! He (or she) will probably think I'm insane.

The test also involves the insertion of an IV line and having contrast dye shot into your body half way through the procedure so the images (before and after the dye) can be compared. Many personal experience blogs I've read say the MRI wasn't bad at all. Others say it was terrible. My own doctor has advised me to keep my eyes closed and to wear earplugs (I'm bringing my OWN in case they don't have them there), and you KNOW I'll be taking a 5 mg. Diazepam beforehand! (one of the most important things you're told with an MRI is "DON'T MOVE!" - so you've got to be calm, cool and collected- pretty much UNHEARD of for me!) I've never thought I was particularly claustrophobic, but I guess I'll find out for SURE on Friday!

What I'm MOST anxiety-ridden about though, is the results. I'm told this cancer has been caught early, and I pray that is true, but the MRI reveals all. Once the MRI results have been obtained, I will be sent for another ultrasound, (this time, at Princess Margaret Hospital, instead of a private lab). When that's all done, next on the list is a procedure before surgery which involves needles of dye being injected into the areola (oh joy), followed by the insertion of a wire into the breast to help doctors with the wire-guided lumpectomy surgery. Why do I feel like jumping out a window right now?



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