Lain's Log

Mammogram & ultrasound

February 17/11

Went to the Spadina/College clinic for the mammogram and breast ultrasound. The ultrasound was conducted by a man named Ken. The nice woman who did the mammogram was asked to sit in as my "escort" during the procedure. Ken had a tough time with the ultrasound, telling me I have something they refer to as "breast mice"! This means the lump moves around and they have to "chase it" in order to get a good image. When it was over, (I heard they don't usually tell you anything), but one of them said, "Well, there's SOMETHING there. It's not NOTHING you're feeling." They also told me it didn't exactly seem like cancer but then again, didn't exactly seem NOT like cancer either! Great. It was decided I should go for a core needle biopsy. The soonest appointment I could get was March 8th, but I asked to be put on the waiting list for March 1st.

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