Lain's Log


February 18/11

Got a call from my GP's secretary saying the doctor wanted to see me right away in regards to the mammogram and ultrasound tests. She had spoken to the doctor at the clinic. I freaked. There must be something wrong. Called Sam and left a message, called Carrie and cried. She tried to make me feel better. My son Max said he would accompany me and hang out in the waiting room to be there for me when I come out. When we arrived at the parking lot, someone shouted, "Hey!" We were surprised. It was Sam! Now I had BOTH my guys there to support me in case it was bad news. We waited quite a while. Finally, I went in alone. After all the fuss and fear, the only thing my GP wanted to tell me was that I now have an appointment for the ultrasound-guided core biopsy on March 1st. Ai yi yi. I had already been TOLD this in a phone call! Wasted trip for all three of us and huge anxiety for nothing.



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