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May 31/12.

Has been a few days since I last wrote. Not sure where the time goes.

In the continuing saga of my own real life daytime drama, "I Fried My Brain", here is some of what transpired since the last entry.First of all, a bunch of my pics turned out black & white, or (in some cases),

HALF black & white/half colour. I must have hit a wrong button somehow (which I do a LOT). So this series of pics is really weird. Ran into my musical blog mascot, Aubrey, outside the local LCBO

at Gerrard & Carlaw.Once inside, I witnessed a robbery which was really upsetting. I'd seen a man out front  who appeared to be about 30. His face was drawn and pale. He looked ill. I thought he was going to ask me for money, but he didn't. I just KNEW there was trouble ahead. The man went into the store and I saw him looking at bottles of liquor. The staffers kept an eye on him. Seconds later, he tried to walk out, just as I was at the front cash. Two men from the LCBO rushed and grabbed him, slammed him against the wall and shouted, "You're under arrest for robbery"! The look on the man's face haunts me. He was so terrified. They dragged him to the back of the store and called police. I so wish I had given him some money or offered to buy him what he wanted to prevent the arrest. I was pretty shaky when I left.

After that, another errand, and I had to pass by the Don Jail, which I do almost daily. Most days, I see women, waiting outside to go visit their boyfriends, husbands, brothers or fathers. But this day, I looked up and saw a middle-aged man and woman leaving the prison. The man was using a handkerchief to wipe tears away from his eyes. I realized in that second, he was likely crying because he had to say goodbye to his son, leaving him inside. The pain was so evident. The scene made me cry too.

Next stop, Gerrard Square, where I wanted to pick up

Chinese noodles for my husband, Sam, (who loves them) and chicken balls & steamed rice for my son, Max.

I paid for the food and wandered over to get a few things at Food Basics.

When I got home, the bags of Chinese food were gone! The food court was just closing up, so I couldn't go back to try and find them. Must have accidentally left them at the grocery store! (see what I mean about my brain being fried - between turning photos to black & white and losing bags of food, I'm falling apart)!  I snapped this pic using auto-cam just before leaving the Gerrard Square parking lot and SWEAR it LOOKS like the Chinese food bags are in the trunk of my car (right behind me), but I guess not.

I felt so badly that my fam got ripped off of the food they were eagerly anticipating, that I went back the next day. Told the manager about losing the food and re-bought the same items. He took my picture to PROVE I HAVE the bags! (THIS time, the delectables were devoured)!

On Tuesday, had to hobble out (ankle pain still killing me), to College & Yonge,

passed a huge construction site,

on the way to hit up

Hiscott, the professional makeup store, to buy my much-needed industrial-strength bag cream!
(to quote an old Jack Lemmon line from the 1960 flick The Apartment, "It's a MUST! Gracious-living wise and otherwise-wise)!

Can't live without RCMA, (CS-1) for dark circles.

Have loved it ever since makeup artist Dana Joon started using it on me back in the golden Global glamour days!

I saw a funky store called Andalous Imports,

with all kinds of weird knick knacks. (Peekaboo!)

My foot hurt so much, I sat down for a rest before making the trek back to my car,

which was parked on McGill Street. SO pretty. If I ever had to move from the house we're in now, this street would be a great choice.

It's an unusual mix of Heritage houses,

funny little row houses,

newer town houses,

cute gingerbread houses,

more modern attached homes,

and these pretty ones that I could easily live in!

Also spotted an assortment of motorcycles!

Today, I had the chance to meet the stars of a new dramatic film coming out tomorrow called In the Family. This is 8-year-old Sebastian Brodziak and director/writer/star Patrick Wang. Due to circumstances way beyond my control, I haven't been able to do work or interviews for years, (too many other demands on my time) - so this was a lot of fun for me! (And such a great couple of guys to be the ones to welcome me back)!

I'll be writing about the film and interviews for

The feature also stars the great Trevor St. John, (ex Todd Manning of One Life to Live). I did a phoner with him from L.A., (which was terrific!) and he'll be part of my story too. Will post a link to when it's all up and running.

Here's the link to my story.

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