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James Franco - & a little nostalgia

April 12/12.

Went to a screening on Tuesday afternoon at the old Bloor Cinema across from Honest Ed's.

A small group of reporters/critics attended the Hot Docs festival preview of Francophrenia,

starring James Franco (as "Franco"), here with Steve Burton (as "Jason Morgan"). It's a kind of out-there experimental film about Franco's experience appearing on the daytime drama General Hospital. (As a a GH fan for over 30 years, I loved it).  Lots of fun listening to Franco's whispered internal thoughts about the scary General Hospital journey.

Also tons of behind-the-scenes footage on how the action came together (in between meeting fans during the shoot). Looks like I may get to interview Franco when he comes to town later this month! Hope so.

And will interview another GH star - Rick Springfield about HIS Hot Docs film, An Affair of the Heart. Should be great! I'll be writing a profile about him for a newspaper. Details soon.

While driving around later on, doing errands and running hither and thither, felt nostalgic about Mum, so made a brief stop in front of her old house, just to see how the place was looking. (blurry pic to match the blurred emotions I guess). I miss my Mum.

Also stopped by Carrie's place to check on the squirrel nest situation. Lots on the go, some of it sad. Will report on Stella and the her baby brood later.

While at Carrie's place, she showed me some photos on her computer. On Good Friday, she sang at a church in Mississauga which was very close to our old childhood home. She drove to the Port Credit house to see it. When we lived there as kids, it was a small family home. That's all been torn down and turned into a mansion! The area is SO upscale now. Whoda thunk it back then?

She also checked out our old public school, Kenollie. Those days were fun tymz.

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