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Car keys, Passover, red hair, General Hospital and James Franco!

April 9/12.

The other day, I wrote about losing my car & house keys while at a screening of Titanic in 3D. Such a drag. Despite a thorough theatre search, Kate & I turned up nothing. Left my name and number with someone at the box office, but no call all weekend. I was SO mad at myself for somehow misplacing them, since the cost to replace the key and the electronic gadget thingy to open the doors was going to be about $150. Just what I need. (not)

Then, minutes before I was about to head to the car leasing dealership to order the key, I got a call on my new iPhone from the manager at The Beach theatre. The keys had been found!! YAY!! Thank you to Eric,  who returned the keys to me and took this pic! He doesn't know where or how they were found, only that someone turned them in. Just SO happy to have them back, and at no cost! And yep, that's my new jacket, made in Nepal.
Last week, I saw this jacket in the window of Alchemy on the Danforth. The store was closed. I went back on Easter Sunday to try it on, but the one in mauve was only available in extra large. They had one medium jacket in turquoise. The only one in small was red (not usually my colour), but I love the wild style, so, bought it! As an extra incentive, the owner gave me a deal - knocked a few bucks off the cost. Very nice of him, and now, I have a coat of many colours!

The second seder at my parents-in-law's place was every bit as good as the first one. Mum B really outdid herself again with another massive feast.

Here's a little story about my Dad-in-law, Ben Bornstein, which is kinda funny. It has to do with the Afikoman. I looked it up online so I could explain it properly.

At the beginning of the seder, the middle of three matzot (plural for matzah) is broken with the larger piece tucked away for later - this piece is called The Afikoman.
Children over the years have been kept awake during the seder by playing a game of hide-and-go-seek with this "dessert." The person leading the seder will hide the Afikoman and at the appropriate time ask all the kids to go find it. Since the seder cannot come to a conclusion without eating this Afikoman, children will get toys or other gifts as a reward for finding it.

Every year that I've been in the Bornstein fam, (almost 30 years), my Dad-in-law "hides" the Afikoman and one of the kids has to find it. Then he gives money to each grandchild. (a tradition they naturally love)!

This year, Ben didn't feel like looking for a good hiding place, so he stuck the piece of matzah in his shirt pocket. (Adore this pic. He still has the mischief in the eyes). All the grandkids knew where it was, so when it came time to try and "find" it, my son, Max (17) and his cousin, Justin, (16), cooked up a scheme together.

Max suddenly announced to his Zaidy that he was thinking of dyeing his hair bright red again. (this pic was taken back in June 2009).

This unexpected (but fake) revelation, distracted and shocked Ben long enough that Justin could sneakily swipe the Afikoman from his Zaidy's pocket! Hoo haw!

After that, all the grandkids (and their significant others) were able to collect their generous reward of 10 bucks each! (left to right - Robyn, Max, Kate, Damian & Justin). Thanks Zaidy!! You da man!

After dinner with Damian (who is not only brilliant and funny, but has been extremely helpful to me with all my current computer challenges, frustrations & woes - which are never-ending), and my beautiful daughter, Kate.

Cut, print, moving on!

On Tuesday afternoon, I'm all excited about finally rejoining "the land of the living" (i.e. - the START to getting back to some form of work!) I'm attending a media screening of the James Franco documentary Francophrenia - (part of the Hot Docs festival later this month). The film chronicles his experience as an actor on the soap opera General Hospital (my fave show for over 30 years!)

Here are some of his earliest scenes on GH.

He played the menacing & maniacal psychotic crime scene/graffiti artist, "Franco"! (who else?) He was fantastic on the show, (and even got to work with the great Tony Geary! ("Luke") - Loved their scenes together. ("Stand back Picasso!")  It's quite clear Tony was having a blast working with James - (especially 6:11 to 7:45). And to top it off, James also crossed paths with marvellous Maurice Benard (murderous mob man "Sonny Corinthos") - 8:23 to 9:15. Great material. Too damn bad they killed Franco off. (or DID they???????????)  Really hope I get to interview James when he's in town! - Once a soap fan, always a soap fan. (at least when it comes to GH). I KNOW as a GH addict, I'm the one to interview him! (too bad nobody else knows it)!

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