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March 25/12.

Looking for a job these days is no easy feat. (not a big surprise to anyone). Times are tough, money is scarce, opportunities few and far between. It's a weird experience trying to break back into the business after years of spending my life in time-consuming, care-giving, gut-wrenching and often upsetting ways I never expected.

Everything came so easily when I was 20, but now, not so much. It's frustrating, depressing, scary and a whole lot more. Hey universe. I'm putting myself out there. Lots of energy, plenty to offer. Where to turn next? I need a compass or something. My direction is off.

Meanwhile, it's business as usual around the house. Finding gainful employment is tough, but there's no END to the work around here! I could go 24 hours a day in this place and still never get everything done!

One afternoon this past week, as I was doing some cleaning, I suddenly heard a man's voice outside, shouting, very loudly, "Help! Help!"  Sure made me jump.

Raced out the door and realized he was yelling because he'd discovered someone had broken into his house, just two doors away from our place. The person was still inside and may have been armed. A tradesman in the neighbourhood parked his van and rushed to offer assistance,

and my next door neighbour came out, phone in hand, and called 911. Police showed up in minutes. It was like watching a TV cop drama. All very intense. One officer was pointing a gun as he stood at the open front door, shouting, "Whoever is inside, SHOW yourself! Police!" But no one appeared.

The police got a description of the man, but he had escaped out the back door, heading south. They went looking for him, but didn't find the culprit. Officers also remained at the house for several hours,  asking questions and watching. There was nothing I could do, so I went back inside, and you can bet I locked the door! Never a dull moment.

Later in the week, I attended another fun evening at the Canadian Improv Games, held again at the Young Centre for the Performing Arts in the distillery district. Here's the team from Rosedale Heights School of the Arts (Kate's former high school). That's Kate, (in skirt, back to camera).  As coach, she was giving a bit of a pep talk before the show began. Zoe is holding a coconut directly in front of Henry's face. (The team has a tradition of breaking a coconut on the ground outside after every performance).

They all seemed to be listening intently as they prepared to try and win,

at the big competition.

Coconut at the ready!

After last minute instructions from Kate, the team looked pumped and good to go!

I sat in the third row so I could get some closeup/action pics. How they come up with so many hilarious ideas from just one word or phrase, I'll never know! All amazing kids!

Marissa (in front) is very funny. The J Clarke Richardson team was a scream in a scene where they had to teach an adult how to load and use an iPod!

David from Unionville is particularly good. Among their assigned scenes was a pivotal moment in a young person's life. The phrase they got was "You make your parents proud." And they did!

Another challenge. Bear Creek improv gang had to portray an obscure headline,
- Chicken becomes ninja!

Among the funniest scenes of the evening came from Rosedale. They were asked to portray a strong personality trait and got, DRAMATIC. Ben (left) was hysterical as a WAY over-the-top, flamboyantly dramatic guy who breaks into Shakespeare at the drop of a hat. My personal fave, Henry (right), played his patient therapist. At this point, Ben suddenly said loudly to his Doc, "You have such a WONDERFUL voice! Have you ever thought of entering the theatre? Your words caress my ears. Continue your little monologue about moi!"

Their crazy comedy sure took my mind off the pain of job-hunting!

Unionville had to do a story event (defiinition - a story that's never been told). The assignment? 
My Pocket Whale. They immediately launched into a tale in which they went to Marineland, shrunk Shamu the whale into a tiny size and put him in a key chain so a person could carry Marineland around in their pocket wherever they go!

Adam (in front) & Brian (right) and the rest of the St. Marcellinus gang were asked to perform an everyday task - washing the dishes,

and somehow even managed to make that mundane chore funny!

Some of the other themes and thoughts the teams had to explore on stage included a tea party done as a musical;

the word sneaky; The Unblinking Eye; a melodramatic murder mystery, the first time saying goodbye; a nerve-wracking job interview at a fast food restaurant; and the word Ta-DA! All in all, unbelievably fun to watch!

In the end, everyone got the chance for a "curtain call" (sans the curtain!)  Here, the team from J Clarke Richardson takes their bow.

Team from Bear Creek Secondary School.

The fab guys & gals from Rosedale! Right on Henry! (far left)

The team from Unionville High School.

The team from St. Marcellinus Secondary School.
(ARRRRRRRRRR-gyle!!!!!)  Congrats on your big win and moving on to the Regionals Finals!!!

Outside in the courtyard, after the show, everyone was on a high, adrenaline pumping.

The famed Rosedale coconut was thrown hard and fast to the pavement and miraculously, split perfectly into two halves!

Even that action was cause for some improv work on the sidewalk!

Ha Ha!

Group hug!

Then it was off down the street to my car and the drive home. GREAT show gang! Thanks for all the laughs!

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