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Gaining weight, cleaning up & iPhone learning curve!

April 3/12.

OK! Bring on the whipped cream! Or chocolate milk or pasta with cream sauce!!

Yep, this afternoon, I'm heading back to Princess Margaret Hospital, this time, to see a nutritionist. Many people have expressed concern about my weight (96 pounds at the moment). I used to weigh 115 before cancer. Have tried to gain, but something, - my stress levels or who knows what, just won't LET me. We'll see what Susan Haines has to say when I talk to her at 2 p.m. I met her once before at a pre-cancer surgery class with five other women and remember her giving us a pamphlet called

What to Eat When You Don't Feel Like Eating (mostly for chemo patients). I was so lucky not to need chemo, but the weight came off anyway. Susan asked me to keep a diary of what I had to eat over the past few days. (Don't think she'll be too impressed with it).

Bought a bunch of groceries at No Frills, but nothing seems to get the weight up.

over the weekend, finally got to the chore of working with Max to get his room cleaned up. During the course of many months, the room turned into mountains of clothing and a cornucopia of crap. Wanted to get to it during March break, but it didn't happen.

This time, I was DETERMINED to get it done.

Max was ready for the clutter clear-out too. It took us several hours to sort through everything, pack up bags for Goodwill, hang up all the clothing in the closet, fold up shirts for the dresser, and get rid of hundreds of wire hangers, tangled into a massive, laughable pile that resembled some sort of modern art contraption. (Miraculously, Sam got them all unravelled and bundled into neat piles to be added to the Goodwill contributions).

Ta da! In the end, the room actually looked presentable, - (even BART looked impressed!!)

and I was finally able to vacuum!


And guess what else happened on the weekend? Sam got me an iPhone 4S! (spooky orange lighting in the house at night!)
Plus a black & bling-y case! Very sparkly.

It sure is cool, but all I have to do is learn how to USE the darn-fangled thing!! I figure if I'm trying to get back into the land of the living in the working world, and join 21st century technology, I've gotta start SOMEWHERE! Max loaded all my phone contacts into it, Sam rigged it up for the Internet, email and added a jazzy ringtone. It's apparently got GPS - (not ANOTHER bossy voice lady!!) and I have NO idea how to add music yet. If anybody calls me, it may take a while to figure out how to answer the phone! (Now I KNOW I'm not in Kansas anymore)! Gak.

P.S. Looking forward to seeing I, Martin Short, Goes Home on CBC tonight at 9!
Mockumentary extraordinaire I'm sure, featuring Andrea Martin and Eugene Levy among others!

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